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What does 'Transition Shock' mean?

Find out what Transition Shock means. Transition Shock is explained by Tina L. Quick - author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

Transition Shock

Culture shock that is experienced whether you are expatriating or repatriating.

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Chapter 4: Fish Out of Water
"... had gone up to 15-20%. If I had stayed with the old rates I could have left a long trail of angry wait staff, cab drivers and others! - Transition Shock - The Transition stage is also where culture shock begins to take place. The Encarta Dictionary defines culture shock as “the feelings ..."
"...Transition Shockw, adapted from L. Robert Kohl’s Survival Kit for Overseas Living, shows the stages of culture shock or country shock. When it is experienced upon repatriation it is often referred to as reverse culture shock or re-entry shock. Regardless of the name, the experience is the same whether you are ..."
"...Transition Shockxis is indicative of the progression of time. I prefer not to indicate weeks or months here because each person progresses to and through Transition Shock differently and in varying time spans. Some people will get through it in a few weeks or months and others will take up to ..."
"...Transition Shockis stage of Transition Shock. It is indicated by the curve, mentioned earlier, a dip down from the normal level of feeling. You are still feeling overwhelmed with all the changes. You also feel marginalized, at the edges of society, like a minority. That’s because you are. Your overseas life ..."
"...Transition Shockrs us to overcome adversity. Knowing it will pass encourages us to be patient and look for resources to help us get through it. Families who understand that their repatriated child may experience reverse culture shock or Transition Shock can be on the ready to lend an ear, be empathetic, ..."
"...Transition Shockthis can be weeks or months depending on the individual student, negativities begin to melt away and you begin to see the value in both your new home and the place where you have come from. Just as the upswing in the curve in Fig. 4.1 reflects the gradual adaptation ..."
"...Transition Shockg spells and mood swings are normal in the transition stage. Nothing-is-right-in-the-world days are normal, but they are usually interspersed with good or just-okay days. Remember that the big time blues may show up at 6-12 weeks or more due to the downward dip in the curve of Transition Shock. ..."
"...Transition Shockns to get stuck (freezes) in the crisis stage of Transition Shock, she or he becomes paralyzed in the sense that there is failure to move forward. If you find that you are spending your time living in the past, finding no joy in the present, or experiencing a deep ..."

"...Transition Shocklooking for company and needing help in negotiating the new rules of your community. It is easy to be caught up in the first friendship that presents itself, but choosing the wrong mentor can be disastrous. A wrong mentor can give you a negative impression about your new community and ..."

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Culture Shock
Transition Shock

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