The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

Why do some TCKs have a difficult transition to university?


Not all global nomads will have difficulty making the transition to college/university. In fact, because they are so used to change, many TCKs actually manage the adjustment better than many of their domestic peers who may never have left home before. This book has been written for those global nomads who find themselves running into stumbling blocks along the transition. The blocks tend to come as huge surprises such as not knowing their home country as well as they thought they did or not fitting in with their peers but not understanding why.

The main reason for running into difficulties comes because they have grown up differently from their home country or host country peers that they are surrounded by on their college or university campus. Their international life experiences are very different from someone who grows up in a traditional, stable, non-mobile community. The TCK may not take into consideration that it is his or her life experiences that make them different. All they know is that they suddenly feel as though they don’t fit in and don’t belong. This can lead to isolation and depression.

This can take the global nomad by surprise, especially if he has typically spent every summer, or some other significant amount of time, back in his home country. He may have expected to fit right in. His international living experiences keep that from happening. He doesn’t have the same shared experience as his peers have had growing up in the same culture all their lives. He may know some of his culture, but not all of it. He won’t know the nuances of everyday living in his home country. After all, this is the first time he is negotiating all of it on his own and he may not know as much as he thought he did. The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition explains what stumbling blocks the TCK may experience in their university transition, why they happen and what they can do about it.

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"... who understood her stories or were even part of them, appreciated and affirmed her and who tied her to a place of belonging once again. - double whammy - Keep in mind that all first-year students venturing away from home, some for the first time away from parental influences, will be ..."

"... - Because foreign students and those who are coming home for college have the double whammy of not only learning about being a college student but also learning or re-learning the culture, those who have gone before you made a few suggestions worth considering. ▪ Even if ..."

"...times in our lives when we need a little help getting past the bumps in the road. And for some of us moms the empty nest is occurring concomitantly while dealing with the emotional roller coaster of menopause or perimenopause (the beginning stages of menopause). How’s that for a double whammy? Who couldn’t use an understanding expert to talk to? If you have been waiting to repatriate or take the next international assignment until your child finishes high school, you have even more of a transition to work through, and it may help counter empty nest syndrome or, contrarily, it ..."

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"This book is uniquely and sensitively tailored to the needs of students who are either 'returning' to their home countries..."

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