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"Jasmine James is a well-known radio personality in Seattle who has attracted a creepy stalker. Nick Winston meets Jasmine during the course of his investigation into a peculiar murder. Nick is smitten by the breathy beauty and her non-too-subtle hints that she finds him attractive, as well. When Jasmine is abducted, Nick is tenacious in his efforts to locate and save her. He and his partner, Pat Strom, pull-off an astonishing feat and manage to capture the stalker, but Jasmine’s where-abouts remains unknown. Finally, though, their dogged investigation produces results. But meanwhile, more men are dying; each with surprising similarities in circumstantial and forensic evidence. Pressure mounts on Nick and Pat to solve the murders. Then the unthinkable happens.

With enough twists to keep even the most experienced armchair sleuth guessing, this novel is an unusual and exciting foray into the seedy side of jealousy, revenge, and desire. I thought the character development throughout was outstanding. Even though the murderer’s identity becomes obvious to the reader about 75% into the book the story remained spellbinding to the very end. Well-written, intense, and savvy; this mystery will not disappoint.

"The first chapter of The Love Songs Murders will hook you. Then the first sentence of Chapter Two will start reeling you in: "Hank Carpucci's last orgasm is a killer."

Set in the Pacific Northwest, author Kelly Marshall takes the reader through the streets of Seattle, across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and into remote wooded areas of Pierce County as Seattle Police detective Nick Winston and his female partner Pat Strom search for a serial killer. The common thread in all the murders? Each victim died from a bullet to the ear and each had his radio tuned to the "Love Songs" radio show at the time of death.

At the same time, Winston is assigned to investigate the stalking of "Love Songs" radio host Jasmine James. Driven by a voracious sexual appetite, the sultry DJ seduces Winston and later has a fling with Strom. Then Jasmine is kidnapped. But will Winston's obsession with Jasmine affect his investigations? Will Jasmine's sexual encounter with Strom end the detectives' working relationship? And are the serial murders and Jasmine's kidnapping related?

This book is filled with mystery, suspense, romance, sex, and humor, all written in Kelly Marshall's sharp and readable style. Her knowledge of radio broadcasting, gained from many years of experience in that profession, served her well in creating Jasmine James, the sexy radio personality. Her familiarity with the Pacific Northwest adds realism and insights only a resident could achieve. Her sense of humor, revealed in the banter between Winston and Strom, adds comic relief from the mayhem.

I found THE LOVE SONGS MURDERS to be an entertaining, well-written book, and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a fast paced, entertaining read.

"Great who-done-it that takes place in the Seattle area. Bawdy and entertaining, a tale filled with twists and turns. Plus, it is a bargain read."

"Loved this book. Talk about a page-turner. I was up all night reading Love Songs Murders. Kelly Marshall has a knack for crawling under your skin with this book. Lots of twists and turns... just when you think you have it figured out... you don't. I loved the book and highly recommend it."


"Great who-done-it that takes place in the Seattle area. Bawdy and entertaining, a tale filled with twists and turns. Plus,..."

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