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1. Chapter One
"The woman’s face was in shadow in the broadcast studio, illuminated only by the light from the vacillating meters on the console board. She whispered into the microphone, her full ... " - read more
2. Chapter Two
"Jack Folson’s death went unnoticed, his body a vague shadow inside the car parked in the alley behind the dumpster. Two days later ... " - read more
3. Chapter Three
"Jasmine purred, “If that man doesn’t give you a diamond soon, you show him the door. Honey, this song is dedicated to Richard from you.” Her cherry red nails ... " - read more
4. Chapter Four
"Nick struggled out of sleep and fumbled for the phone. “Yeah,” he croaked. “Okay, got it.” He punched in Strom’s phone number. It rang for a long time. ... " - read more
5. Chapter Five
"She breathed deep and filled her lungs with crisp, cool air. The door closed with little sound and locked automatically behind her. An orange harvest moon hung low and ... " - read more
6. Chapter Six
"Nick phoned his partner. “So what do we know about Folson?” “He’s fifty-two, mortgage broker from Kirkland. He has an ex-wife, no kids. Makes one seventy-five a year. Supposedly a ... " - read more
7. Chapter Seven
"Nick turned on the radio as he drove home. Etta James crooned, “At Last.” He felt mellow, pensive, and hummed along, but the singer’s voice wasn’t the one he wanted ... " - read more
8. Chapter Eight
"“Have you read my fan mail?” Jasmine asked Nick. "Just a few. Seems as though this Jeff creep is smitten.” Nick had never understood the idolization of celebrities. But ... " - read more
9. Chapter Nine
"Nick slammed to the earth with searing pain in his shoulder. He looked up to see Jasmine staring down at him. A figure floated up behind her. A man. He ... " - read more
10. Chapter Ten
"“Hello, partner.” Strom brushed a strand of hair out of Nick’s eyes. “You’ve been asleep awhile.” Nick felt crisp, starched sheets. A strong smell of disinfectant permeated the room. He ... " - read more
11. Chapter Eleven
"Jasmine woke to darkness and the damp smell of the earth. She tried to move, but felt hard resistance. Only inches of space separated her body from whatever surrounded her ... " - read more
12. Chapter Twelve
"The Chief was taking some serious heat. Radio fans demanded more effort on the part of the Seattle Police Department to find Jasmine James. The popular deejay had ... " - read more
13. Chapter Thirteen
"Jasmine couldn’t hold her bladder and soiled herself. Hysteria and thoughts of death had melted any embarrassment she would have had in the past. ... " - read more
14. Chapter Fourteen
"Jack Hudson considered himself a cigar-chewing, Scotch drinking man’s man—an S.O.B. He stormed down the halls of KLOV enjoying the scurrying employees as they jumped behind doors to avoid his ... " - read more
15. Chapter Fifteen
"Nick’s shoulder hurt like a S.O.B., but he pushed it down. His mind raced with the possibilities. How to find Jasmine’s kidnapper? He called Felicita Hernandez at home and ... " - read more
16. Chapter Sixteen
"Nick weaved in and out of the mean Seattle traffic, stopped in at the CSI Office and handed over the letter Felicita had given him. The technician gave him a ... " - read more
17. Chapter Seventeen
"4302 Highland Street. Dark green trim framed numerous windows in the two-story pale green house. Paint chips dotted the lawn of the aging home. ... " - read more
18. Chapter Eighteen
"Jasmine awoke to the sound of crackling and the smell of wood burning. Her gaze roamed the room. Rugged wood walls and a single door. ... " - read more
19. Chapter Nineteen
"During the long crawl north from Tacoma to Seattle on I-5, Nick mulled over Jasmine’s abduction and how it related to the Love Songs Murders. It had to be more ... " - read more
20. Chapter Twenty
"Jeff Owens emerged from his house, hands full of bulging plastic grocery bags. Nick hissed, “He’s moving.” He cranked the car. Strom pulled out her personal cell and ... " - read more
21. Chapter Twenty-One
"Jasmine twisted her hand against the cold metal of the handcuff until her wrist became slick with her own blood. She screamed in self-inflicted pain. The sound of her own ... " - read more
22. Chapter Twenty-Two
"Jeff Owens was plenty worried. If he didn’t make it back to the cabin, Jasmine would die without water. If he made the trek into the woods, he risked discovery ... " - read more
23. Chapter Twenty-Three
"Jasmine tripped on a gnarled root and went sprawling face first in a mud puddle. “Shit!” she hissed. Slowly picking herself up, she plunged into the dark undergrowth. Branches ... " - read more
24. Chapter Twenty-Four
"Owens walked carefully, head bent over, scanning the ground and followed the footsteps Jasmine had taken before him. He slowed his angry heart willfully and paid attention to the ... " - read more
25. Chapter Twenty-Five
"Jasmine continued to limp toward what she hoped would be a road out of the woods. She listened intently, but only heard sounds inherent to the forest, birds singing ... " - read more
26. Chapter Twenty-Six
"Jeff Owens awoke with a renewed sense of hope. He would find Jasmine today. He was the hunter, she a spoiled urban woman. He knew every creek and ... " - read more
27. Chapter Twenty-Seven
"The two detectives had pulled surveillance on Owens’ house for two long, uneventful days. Since Owens had “made” the Mustang, Nick had requested one of the new unmarked Dodge Chargers. ... " - read more
28. Chapter Twenty-Eight
"Strom was taken back with the sudden metamorphosis of Roger Crane. He had struck her as an aw-shucks good ole’ boy. Now, he towered over Jeff Owens, a scowl ... " - read more
29. Chapter Twenty-Nine
"Stars danced before her eyes as she sucked on the thin plastic tube. Her breath came in shallow bursts of agonized gulps of air. She told her mind to relax, ... " - read more
30. Chapter Thirty
"Normally, Pat Strom always answered Nick’s phone calls, but this one she let go to voice mail. At the moment Sharon Flynn’s head was nestled between her legs and ... " - read more

"The first chapter of The Love Songs Murders will hook you. Then the first sentence of Chapter Two will start..."

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