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Dyke is a slang derogatory word that describes a masculine lesbian.

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Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Dykek enjoyed the verbal volleyball with his partner. Strom was tough, unflappable, and the best damned partner he’d ever had. He’d taken heat from other detectives when his new partner had been announced. He’d walked out of Lieutenant Nelson’s office to a room full of smirking faces and dead ..."

"...Dyket kind of look was that? Strom did her job tight-lipped and tough, all business, no girly shit. But then he remembered the other night in the motel when she had strutted into the bathroom buck naked. What the hell was that about…unless…Strom wasn’t 100% Dyke. He couldn’t get ..."
"...Dykene glanced in the rear view mirror at Pat Strom and offered a half smile to the lady. Nick grinned at the Ranger’s subtle come-on and watched Strom turn away. He figured Crane at some point would find an excuse to call Seattle PD and ask for his partner. And ..."

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Lipstick Lesbians

"Jasmine James is a well-known radio personality in Seattle who has attracted a creepy stalker. Nick Winston meets Jasmine during..."

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