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Find out what SWAT means. SWAT is explained by Kelly Marshall - author of The Love Songs Murders


The acronym stands for special weapons and tactics. It is a tactical team in law
enforcement agencies.

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Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... in flak jackets, guns pointed in his face screamed again. “Drop the gun!” Nick recognized Tacoma SWAT. He screamed back, “I’m a cop! Don’t shoot!” He raised his gun and hands up in supplication. “What the fuck you doin’ here if you’re a cop? We got a report of a possible ..."
"... if you’re a cop? We got a report of a possible B&E.” “Just doin’ some surveillance.” The largest SWAT cop, burly and black, demanded, “First, I want to see your badge, then a warrant.” Nick shrugged and gave a sheepish grin. “Place wasn’t locked. I walked in and took a look ..."
"... wasn’t locked. I walked in and took a look around. We’ve fingered this guy for the Jasmine James abduction.” “Haven’t heard of it!” the SWAT cop spat back. “The Seattle deejay.” “Oh yeah, that one. You still need a warrant and we’re going to talk about this ..."
"... warrant and we’re going to talk about this downtown.” “How come SWAT answered a 10-70? You usually answer calls about prowlers?” Nick placed his gun on the floor and found his ID, sliding it across the linoleum to the officer. “Neighbor called it in. Seems she saw a gun through a ..."
"... heavily armed cops waited to escort him to Tacoma PD. The black SWAT officer directed Nick to the back of the van. “Get in,” he ordered. He took a seat next to Nick. “You fucked this up Winston. Anything you got here is sullied.” “This is life or death. I could give a fuck about ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... can do. We’d be too obvious and the whole street is spooked. Neighborhood watch is on high alert.” “Observing the SWAT team yank you out yesterday didn’t help” “You gonna let me live that down?” “No.” Nick hunkered down with binoculars resting on the steering ..."
"...he moves, can you get us backup from Tacoma?” Nick knew quick support would not be possible from Seattle. The Emerald City’s sister community was thirty miles to the south and no one could make a rapid move along the clogged I-5 corridor. He hoped yesterday’s fiasco with the SWAT team wasn’t going to be a problem. ..."

"... by the book.” Strom snorted, then turned and eyeballed her partner. “Now you are the last person to be preaching to me about official procedure. I seemed to recall Tacoma SWAT taking your ass out of here at gunpoint because you entered his house without a warrant.” Nick grinned ..."

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"Jasmine James is a well-known radio personality in Seattle who has attracted a creepy stalker. Nick Winston meets Jasmine during..."

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