The Weeping Empress

Chapter 13

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“I will carve a path in my very flesh for you.”

The priestesses gathered in the courtyard to see them off. Muhjah was kissed many times. Senka was bowed to respectfully.

One lank lady whispered, “I hope you find the peace you seek.”

Lastly, the now diminutive group bowed again to Chiyo.

“We have given you a heavy load, and we thank you,” Moran said.

Chiyo vacillated between wanting to thank them for their kindness because they had been kind to her and kicking them. She still didn’t know exactly how, but these ladies with this “heavy burden,” were definitely responsible for this whole rotten situation. It was with great relief that she turned her back on Kalinus Keep.


The women waved farewell and then closed the gate. Moran joined Relda on the balcony to catch one last glimpse of the departing party. Moran was proud of what they had accomplished.

“Are you alright with not saying goodbye?” Moran asked the older woman.

“I don’t really have a choice,” Relda explained. “This is the way it has to be. Chiyo and I will see each other again. There isn’t anything for you to worry about.”

Moran looked at Relda’s small, rod-straight back and sensed an out-of-place tension. It clashed against her own feelings of well being. Have we not sent the Goddess’s Arm out into the world to do Kali’s bidding? It is a time of celebration, isn’t it?
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