The Weeping Empress

Does Chiyo have her wedding ring throughout The Weeping Empress?


No, she doesn't actually have the ring. However, she chose to have it painted into her portrait since it is important to her.

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"...She smelled the familiar scent of Muhjah’s pipe and sensed the ever-present gaze of Senka. They were near but no comfort to her now. She shivered and cringed, afraid. They weren’t coming to her rescue. Instinct told her to hide, but her silk prison wouldn’t allow it. She couldn’t do anything but struggle vainly and eventually concede defeat. ..."
"...Chiyo watched with growing fascination as the bandages were removed. Beginning at the fingernail of her ring finger was a mere thread of tattooed green, quickly thickening up to her first knuckle. It then wrapped twice around her finger before cutting broadly across the back of her hand and around her wrist and twice more around her forearm. It had incorporated her stitches as it missed ..."
"... anger again. The knock came softly. Chiyo rose as Moran entered. Relda had taught Chiyo that the proper deference shown an abbess was a bow. Chiyo lowered her head in mock respect, figuring Moran wasn’t her head priestess. The stately woman didn’t seem at all perturbed. “I trust ..."
"... violently, making the artist’s work difficult. I hope the experience wasn’t too troubling.” Chiyo knew she was trying to be reassuring, but it was truly a ridiculous thing to have said. “But here, ” she continued, “I’ve brought you something.” She stepped aside to allow an ..."
"... “I was scared out of my wits in front of all those people. Where did they all come from?” “Beats me. They’ve been gathering for a while. Sneaking in when no one was looking.” Chiyo grinned at him stupidly. She was too glad to have them back to respond. She met Senka’s stare ..."
"... was looking.” Chiyo grinned at him stupidly. She was too glad to have them back to respond. She met Senka’s stare happily. He touched her right arm, and she knew he was assuring himself that she was uninjured. He relaxed. In the end he allowed himself a small smile. “Let’s eat,” ..."
"... Senka lay lithely in the bed, tousled sheets strewn about him. They covered his right side to the waist. His left leg was bent and atop it. His arms were folded under his head, as he had been staring at the ceiling in thought. Chiyo wondered, What thoughts am I interrupting? He was ..."

Chapter 17: Epilogue
"... miss the Empress in the back, though.” “I’ll be sure not to. Do you come often?” he asked just to be polite. She smiled a little before answering. “Uh-huh, I come to pay my respects regularly.” Something in the exchange made him a little uncomfortable. He sensed ..."
"... of her now. It’s been fourteen years since she disappeared. It had been so hard in the beginning. He’d been frantic, looking everywhere for her, offering rewards, and putting up posters as if she was a lost cat. The police had investigated him. Her family had made allegations. ..."
"...He’d tried dating, but it always felt like a betrayal somehow, and even if a relationship had gone well for a while, eventually he had had to tell them about her. Then he had become the guy who might have killed his wife, and they had stopped answering his calls. He could only bear so many humiliations. He finally had just accepted that it was going to be Hannah and him forever—or at least until she left the nest, and then it would just be him. ..."
"...long defunct religion around a Goddess he had never heard of. It had been so far unimpressive, too many snakes for his taste, but his daughter thought that they might look cool on a T-shirt. He had seen chalices, molded patterns, a few woven items, and even fewer tattered, withering pieces of text. It was pretty standard faire. ..."
"...It was of a woman, the empress presumably. She was wearing a beautiful red and white kimono. Her arm had been removed from the right sleeve, letting it fall behind and exposing the crest of a small round breast. There was a snake coiled viciously around her waist and down her exposed arm, its tail cutting into the flesh itself. ..."
"...her; a distant relative she hadn’t known about maybe, but it can’t be her. He might have been able to convince himself of that except for one thing. On the third finger of her left hand raised to cup the head of the vile green serpent was his mother’s ring. It was painted in such detail it seemed to leap from the canvas. It was unmistakable. His father had designed it and had it made for his mother as a fiftieth anniversary present, replacing the modest ring she’d worn her whole life. He had used it to propose to ..."

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Does Chiyo have her wedding ring throughout The Weeping Empress?

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"Sadie is an incredible writer. I got drawn into Chiyo's world from page one and couldn't put it down until..."

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