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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
"... grumble. She quickly picked up her pace again. “From the Emperor’s workhouse. Those villages that can’t fulfill the grain rations are required to send people as substitute work instead. We were that tribute. How do you not know that?” Chiyo ignored the question and asked another of ..."
"...Emperorve scouted ahead. The road to Devi is impassible,” he said with a smile. “The local ruler, the nyim, must be pretty pissed off. His will is the will of the Emperor, whose will should be that of the people. His word, our deed. We’ve acted contrary to that will, ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
"...Emperorwiped juice from his chin and said, “The nyim is pretty ticked and probably worried that word will get to the Emperor that he let a group of conscripts fall through his fingers. They’ve been tracking us pretty closely. Add to that the general warrant out for us, and we ..."
"... nodded. “We really don’t know how you came to be here. We can be of no use to you there. As for where you are, this is the country of Dashkalil in the twentieth year of the supreme rule of Emperor Kenichi. We are Muhjah and Senka, just two troublemakers, nothing more.” Chiyo rubbed ..."
"...Emperorre here, trying to get these people across the border into Albesq.” He indicated the area above the northern border. “There, they can fade from memory after a while and then ease back home once tensions have died down.” Pointing to roughly the center of the country he added, “This ..."
"...Emperorer Askil and his men waited impatiently for them to arrive. The commander was a career soldier, who had joined the ranks at a young age. Through hard work and above-average intelligence he had worked his way up the chain. He resented the actions of these two deviants, not because ..."
"...Emperorsn’t the first time he’d encountered Senka and Muhjah. He knew firsthand how destructive they could be. He gained his most recent promotion when his predecessor, who had been a good enough leader, had died at their hands in an attack that had been petty and pointless. It had caused ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
"...Emperorvillage will survive, but the policies of the Emperor leave the nyims no room to consider such circumstances. It’s not a new story: villages forced to send conscripts in place of rations. I’m such a sacrifice. I hated to leave my home, but my life is close to its conclusion. ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
"...Emperored them because it was time to plan. The evening before he had reconnoitered their target. There was little to it. Marisha wasn’t particularly powerful. He didn’t control much in terms of territory or men. There was little to be gained, but he was a representative of the Emperor and ..."
"...Emperort she was actually inside the wall and recognized the domesticity of the small outpost she shook a little. She could smell the manure of nearby animals. She could see ragged laundry hanging on a makeshift line. The men who died so that I could enter were nothing more than ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
"...To plague Emperor Kenichi’s men without attacking the empire itself, they limited their disruptions to outlaying posts and the establishments of high-ranking officials. Chiyo had come to understand that the group’s purpose was surprisingly noble. They knew that as a small group they were unlikely to ever effect permanent social change, but ..."
"...These cunning ladies were representatives of the Sacerdotisa, or cult, of the Goddess Kali, held captive so that they couldn’t preach against the Lord Emperor. Though fewer and fewer people came to the services or declared their love of the Holy Mother, the nyim wasn’t able to kill or imprison them. The time of their influence had passed, but they filled an important, though diminished, role in society and still reigned supreme in the ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"...Emperorlled her “The Righteous.” They said she fought for the people’s freedom and stood strong for those who were weak. They said she sacrificed her body for the lives of those held captive. They said she was the chosen one of the Goddess, her right Arm, acting as her emissary ..."
"...Emperorank deeper into the large tub. She didn’t want to think about it, but now she had no choice. She had seen the devastation that the Emperor’s greed was racking on the people. It is horrible, but that’s not my problem. These aren’t my people. What business is it of ..."
"...Emperorat moment it was clear the soldiers were the aggressors, sent to dispatch a burr from the Emperor’s saddle. Chiyo and Muhjah wasted no time, unleashing a coordinated strike on their opponents, then returning to neutral ground and the protection of their comrade, and then striking again. The fight was ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
"...Emperor’t that she didn’t appreciate his efforts. Chiyo understood that she was putting herself in needless danger by going off on her own. Her sole objective of exhausting herself compromised her ability to defend herself if the need ever arose. She also understood that as her reputation continued to grow, ..."
"...Emperorund that the people from smaller, more rural areas were safer. They maintained a stronger faith in the Great Goddess, and although they paid Chiyo more attention, there was far less risk of exposure. These people held a stronger contempt for the Emperor and his subordinates and were, therefore, less ..."
"...Emperorger was growing though. The Emperor had circulated a physical description, and some of her wanted posters even included a passable likeness of her face. No expense was being spared in the hunt for her in some areas. That she hadn’t yet been captured was an embarrassment to the nyims, ..."
"... the case. **** The Emperor allowed the warrant to fall from his fingers and settle haphazardly on the table. He looked sullen even in his bright plumage, and the steward avoided looking at him as he removed the dinner plates. He was always meanest when sulking. “Cardinova,” the ..."
"... avoided looking at him as he removed the dinner plates. He was always meanest when sulking. “Cardinova,” the Emperor began, “I hear you’ve had a man on this woman’s trail for some time.” “Yes.” “Yet, you’ve yet to apprehend her.” It wasn’t a question, and ..."
"... yet to apprehend her.” It wasn’t a question, and Cardinova thought it best not to comment. The Emperor was aware that the nyims had failed him, and he wasn’t interested in hearing their oft-quoted excuses. He did, however, want to punish someone for it. “Well, Cardinova?” he ..."
"... men before the woman showed up, so he knows their habits as well as anyone. He is doing everything he can.” The Emperor stood up and scowled across the table at the quivering man. “Askil’s not the only one out there though,” Cardinova sputtered. “Isiola has sent men out for them, ..."
"... man. “Askil’s not the only one out there though,” Cardinova sputtered. “Isiola has sent men out for them, as have Saulina and Forensti.” The Emperor saw he was rambling now, trying to drag as many others into the conversation as possible to dilute the blame. “Cardinova, ..."
"... more than … accouterments.” Emperor Kenichi smiled as Cardinova blanched. The feudal lord could sense the Emperor’s rising ire, and the Emperor knew he wanted desperately to leave before he became the target. It was too late, though. He was caught. “I think you’ll stay, Cardinova, ..."
"... so well, have him report to me.” Emperor Kenichi wrapped his moire-clad arm around Cardinova’s shoulder. Its watery lengths fell down the shaking leader’s back in gentle waves. The ageing man was visibly the most frightened the Emperor had ever seen him. “Come, I’ll see that you get a ..."
"...Emperor Kenichi handed the devastated Cardinova off to the wardens and called for his personal guard. It was time to address the matter himself. He was being underestimated and mocked, and it was time to meet this “savior.” He had no intention of letting her empower the Sacerdotisa again. They ..."
"...Emperor rap on the door called the Emperor back to reality. Two men, Havard Nessium and Filat Bariak, walked in and stood with the rapt attention of a lifetime of military service. Neither was aware that he held his spine rigidly straight or that he rolled his shoulders back as ..."
"...Emperorowed her, slinking from bush to bush, until Havard stepped into her path. Havard wore no insignia or uniform, but he carried the sword of the Emperor’s elite guard, and it was obvious that Chiyo recognized it and the danger it represented. The elite guards weren’t just professional soldiers; they ..."
"...Emperorgreed, but knowing Havard’s tendency to natter, chose not to respond. He wasn’t interested in anything beyond fulfilling his duty and returning home. He might have been a cruel man once, but his tenure with the Emperor had allowed him ample opportunities to fulfill any such desires; it held no ..."
"...and stopped infrequently. While en route, her wrists and ankles were bound and Filat and Harvard sat on either side of her. She was never left alone, even in her most private moments, but they generally let her be. Garnering information from her hadn’t been one of their assignments. Emperor Kenichi had other men for that. ..."
"...Emperord observe her, however, to appease their own curiosity. Both had come from low-ranking aristocratic families. They had been born late with too many brothers ahead of them and had had few future prospects. The Emperor collected such young men, willing to rank high in a lower class rather than ..."
"...Emperoridn’t anticipate an opportunity for escape, but she didn’t stop looking for one either. She knew these weren’t the ill-trained castle guards she had encountered on innumerable raids. She sat quietly, speaking only when spoken to. She considered the unpleasant future. The Emperor probably isn’t pleased to have his merchants ..."
"... deserved. In all of the time Chiyo had traveled with, fought with, and learned from Senka and Muhjah, they had never approached the capital. The two figured they were safe if they concentrated on causing trouble for the Emperor’s subordinates instead of commanding a direct attack. As they ..."
"...Emperor her eyes away from the castle, she looked between them. She saw no hint of sarcasm on either face. It was the first emotion she had seen either man display. There was no question of the fanatical strength of their love for the Emperor and his capital. She snorted ..."
"...Emperor, the warden, cocked his head to the left and nodded his agreement. It would please him immensely if she cooperated from the beginning, but it was apparent she wasn’t paying attention. He watched the two men leave and thought about the exchange. Odd, he noted. The elite guard rarely ..."
"... chains and his guards. **** Emperor Kenichi was notified of Chiyo’s arrival. Despite himself he was irked to find himself surprised at the ease by which she had been retrieved. Why should she have posed a problem? She was just one girl against two of my elite. He left her in the cell below ..."
"... and seemed absorbed in her own thoughts. They were in disagreement as to the cause, however. “She’s just too stupid to grasp the danger of her situation,” Havard told the Emperor. “Maybe, but her eyes never left that sword, and you know it. I’d be reluctant to trust that ..."
"... than he would have been. The Emperor could read their biographies and readily imagine them as boys. He could even imagine the honor they thought they defended by disrupting the trade of the “Evil Emperor.” It was all for the glory of doing the right thing. But he couldn’t understand ..."
"...Emperorportantly the Emperor didn’t see why she was involved in the disruption of his reign. What should a foreigner care of internal politics? Has she been wronged in some way? Is it revenge she wants? He simply couldn’t find any evidence. Her motivation and goals remained irritatingly hidden, as did ..."
"...Emperorer arrival, he’d thought again and again about these questions. He had hoped to have the answers before speaking to her. Even though he saw no reason that he, the Emperor, should waste his time with her, he didn’t trust anyone else’s eyes as well as his own. He had ..."
"...Emperorerie was interrupted when Kenichi called to have her delivered to him. A servant entered, instructing her to bathe first. It had been nothing fancy, just some warm water and the chance to wash away the grime. She was brought to him an hour later, clean but rumpled. She knew ..."
"...Emperored guards, who appeared overly nervous, flanked her as she walked unbound into the chamber. She looked straight ahead even as she sat down on the offered couch. She placed her hands in her lap and crossed her ankles. She looked up at the Emperor, who sat in a large, ..."
"...Emperorsilence drew on, Chiyo was able to recenter herself. Having a conversation to focus on helped her to block out the recently invading memories. She looked the Emperor over as well. This was the man whose rule Muhjah so opposed. He was taller than Chiyo, about five foot, eleven inches ..."
"...As Emperor Kenichi waited for her reply, he found himself uncomfortable under her gaze. As the supreme leader of the land, no one looked him directly in the eyes like an equal, but she did. He felt scrutinized and disconcerted. The silence seemed to stretch dauntingly. His guest wasn’t what he ..."
"... my concern,” she answered with a shrug. Emperor Kenichi clenched his jaw. This exasperating woman simply refused to cooperate. He wasn’t a man practiced in persuasion. He was accustomed to giving orders and being obeyed. Hot anger flared. “In that case,” he lowered his voice, ..."
"... end here and now.” Chiyo’s expression didn’t change, but the Emperor noted a slight tensing of her shoulders, which he interpreted as a good sign—that she understood and feared for her safety. He anticipated her acquiescence and was surprised when she spoke. “It’s threats ..."
"... recognized a modicum of amusement in her tone. “Your little mutt is little more than an inconvenience,” he sneered. “Ha, you’re a liar, Emperor Kenichi.” He was incensed. How dare she speak to me that way? He was sorely tempted to kill her himself. “So, you won’t cooperate ..."
"... he had developed as vital to his rule. None of it helped him now. Standing slowly the Emperor motioned a guard over and ordered, “take her back to her cell and tell Durward to come here.” His tone was sharp and annoyed. The guards saluted and turned to leave with Chiyo in tow. She made ..."
"...Emperor arrived in a rush shortly thereafter. Durward can always be counted on for promptness, the Emperor thought with a smile. He has been so useful during my entire reign—and he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Plus, he reads people well. He deals with people at their worst ..."
"...Emperorerdotisa had always been a thorn in the Emperor’s side, and Durward’s dungeon had seen more than a few of them. Kenichi’s father had first identified their influence as a threat and began actively suppressing them. His father had prohibited the practice, making it punishable by death. Many died, and ..."
"... upheaval would die. “You have five days,” the Emperor ordered. “I want to sound like the saint of charity and goodwill by the time you’re done with her. Afterward make her disappear. I need no more trouble, and I’ll be damned if I make her a martyr.” “Five days might not be ..."
"... The Emperor’s orders hadn’t surprised Durward. He had been given them before many times and had, in fact, been anticipating this one. Because of that, he had taken pains to observe Chiyo while she had been in his care and what he saw worried him. Her demeanor was too calm, too detached. ..."
"...Emperorad spent two full days in his dungeon prior to being called to the Emperor. She had been relatively well treated because the Emperor hadn’t dismissed the idea of accomplishing his goal in a reasonable manner. Nevertheless, two days in a cold stone cell should have shaken anyone, but she ..."
"...Emperor everything had its place, everything had an order. Five days wasn’t a very long time to accomplish what the Emperor was demanding, but rushing would accomplish nothing. She needed time to think about her situation and fearfully anticipate what was coming. Since her audience with the Emperor, Durward made ..."
"... Love,” he offered. “Tell me what I want to know.” “What do you want to know?” she spat back. “I thought you just wanted me to tell the world that the Emperor was graced by God and endorsed by the Goddess’s savior.” “There’ll be no need for sarcasm.” “Sarcasm?” ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
"...Emperoraccepted that he was bound to Kali. She had been lurking in his shadow for as long as he could remember. Sometimes he had felt stalked by her, but most of the time he simply had accepted her in the same way he had accepted the passing breeze or the ..."
"... I think fewer still who feel no sadness at the prospect. The world will be a colder place without them.” “Thank the Emperor. ‘Progress requires sacrifice,’” Muhjah mimicked. “What I was thinking was that I think I understand why she allows it to happen. It makes sense to me. We ..."
"...A whole conversation took place in the look that passed between the two men: the acknowledgment that they would have to go get Chiyo, the understanding that they might be too late, the unavoidable eventuality of making a permanent enemy of Emperor Kenichi, and the certainty that this began whatever endgame of which they had become part. There was nothing to be done but to begin. ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter 9
"...Chiyo’s questioning is to start in earnest tomorrow. The Emperor wishes to force her into a statement of support. He wants her to say that she is the Arm of the Goddess, come to free the people by guiding them under the protective wing of the true ruler, the Emperor and Lord of the Land.” ..."
"...Emperormisunderstand. It doesn’t matter if they do or not. Those with weak faith might well believe it. The true damage is to those who truly believe in Chiyo now and that their suffering might soon come to an end. The Goddess’s representative can’t be coercible or corruptible. To be such ..."
"...Emperorrubbed her eyes and looked tired for a moment. She had slept little over the last few days. Andela had quickly sent word of Chiyo’s abduction, and the stable boy, Morah, confirmed her arrival, but it had taken no small effort to glean the additional information she had passed to ..."
"... get to the point,” he growled. “Yes, well, the current Emperor believes in perspicuous ostentation. It’s disgusting really, but he thinks it’s a deterrent to opposition. I’ll give him credit for at least having noble aims.” “You’re more generous than we are,” ..."
"...Emperoras added to his palace over the years, but he has simply built on top of, or onto, the old. The tunnels, themselves, aren’t a secret. The Emperor obviously knows they’re there. He closes off any he finds, and he has found many, but not all, of them. We can ..."
"... this mean we’re going for her?” she asked Valdis breathlessly. “Sanyue, dear, don’t concern yourself. The less you know, the better. Just lead these men to the Emperor’s dungeon and then forget you ever met them.” “Yes, Madam.” She bowed to Valdis before turning curtly and ..."
"... her. The prisoners were up in arms. His men were dying, and surely the Emperor would hear of it soon. Chiyo’s confession was suddenly a minor problem. The Emperor’s punishment for allowing a prisoner revolt would be terrifying. Durward dreaded the thought of even one escaping. He ..."
"... A few of the prisoners recognized Muhjah, Senka, and Chiyo as they passed. Senka saw wonder flit across the grime-covered faces and thought, If we survive, it will surely be one more notch in Chiyo’s belt of wonders. Escaping the Emperor’s dungeon will appear nothing short of miraculous. ..."
"...Emperorround the Emperor had no intention of letting this slight pass. He had the sewer grate leading to the tunnels sealed and a guard posted with orders to kill anyone inside. Meanwhile, since there was little doubt that the Sacerdotisa were behind this, he sent men to the abbey. It ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
"...Emperorwas sent to fetch the abbess, who entered quickly without appearing to rush or compromise her own gravitas. She had been waiting for them to arrive ever since she had received word that the capital complex was overrun with imperial soldiers. The soldiers had come to them as well, but ..."
"...Emperor must have thought she had, however, because he had never let her be. He had kept asking question after question. He hadn’t believed her answers and assumed that she was lying. Who, after all, would believe my ridiculous story? Although she had told him everything he had wanted to ..."
"... in the making. Once Ajuoga gave up and went to fetch Moran, Chiyo asked for a status report. “You spent five nights in the Emperor’s custody with one lovely chap named Durward.” She shivered at the mention of his name, and fresh horrors edged toward the surface of her mind. She ..."
"...Emperornorted. She wanted to argue, but memories of her recent nightmares stilled her tongue. She understood. The Sacerdotisa had helped her companions free her from the Emperor so that she could be handed over to them. Indoctrination by the followers of the Goddess Kali might be interesting, and it wasn’t ..."
"... Surely you have heard this name whispered as you pass.” “It’s hardly in whispers anymore, but yes, I’ve heard the name in reference to myself, most recently by the Emperor and his lovely inquisitor,” Chiyo responded. “It comes from a prophecy sent to the sisterhood by the ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
"... to repay. “My family secretly worshiped the Goddess, so I was well aware of the legends. The current Emperor was still only a child, and his father had demonized the sisterhood. It was dangerous to be known as followers of Kali, but in our home she was worshiped above all others. “What I ..."
"...Emperor fact was kept quiet within the order, a secret so closely guarded that most within the ranks didn’t, and still don’t, know. So time passed. The Emperor’s efforts to suppress the Sacerdotisa continued, and without the prophecies the sisterhood more often fell prey. The worship of the Goddess Kali ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"... she continued, “I’ve brought you something.” She stepped aside to allow an acolyte to pass. To Chiyo’s shock, she carried Salvation. Chiyo thought it had been lost to her forever, as a new trinket in the Emperor’s collection. “How did you manage to get it?” she asked in awe. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter 13
"...Emperorkeep that up, and you won’t have much of a sleeve left,” Muhjah teased her. “Perhaps it isn’t time yet. I’m sure you’ll know when it is. We’ve never really needed a destination before now. Personally, what I’d like to do in the meantime is go cause a little trouble ..."
"... challenge literally.” “Literally? Then maybe a coup d'état isn’t that far from the mark after all. Killing the Emperor would destabilize the government. It could either give the Sacerdotisa an opening to regain power or just create chaos and more work for them.” Her head snapped back. ..."
"... have expected you to either.” “Maybe not, but that’s a pretty thin difference, Chiyo. The Emperor has always been our enemy. Why change that now? Would you avoid killing him on the off chance that it coincided with the Sacerdotisa’s wishes?” “No.” “The Arm’s mythos has ..."
"... “The Arm’s mythos has set you in opposition to the Emperor, but the Sacerdotisa have made no move against him, neither have they directly asked that you do so. So, though our current ambition may not completely diverge from that of Moran and company, it doesn’t kowtow to them either.” ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"...Emperorooked at her counterpart and nodded. “Your mouthpiece out there is having a great success. On the trip here, I encountered many tales—true and otherwise or rather exaggerated or otherwise. Continuing this is vital. There’s little doubt that if things continue, there eventually will be a clash with the Emperor. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
"...Emperorng outside the well-coifed palace gate, the three sat like ghosts. None of them spoke of why they were there. Having already raised the Emperor’s ire, they didn’t need to limit themselves to mere emissaries and supply trains anymore. Chiyo had also become convinced that killing the Emperor constituted rebelling ..."
"...Emperorched Muhjah as he sat quietly, thinking and knowing he wouldn’t be able to restrain them much longer. They didn’t so much need a plan as a miracle. They needed to bypass soldiers, sentries, and guards. Then they had to locate and kill the Emperor in the labyrinthlike palace, all ..."
"... imagine so,” Muhjah responded sarcastically, “There wasn’t much of a view from under ground.” “No, but I had a pretty nice view from the Emperor’s sitting room though.” “No shit!” he exclaimed. “You actually met the emperor?” Chiyo noticed that Senka, who had been ..."
"... of a view from under ground.” “No, but I had a pretty nice view from the emperor’s sitting room though.” “No shit!” he exclaimed. “You actually met the Emperor?” Chiyo noticed that Senka, who had been meticulously shaving over a steaming bowl of soapy water, stopped and ..."
"... her sides ached, she couldn’t catch her breath, and Muhjah became uncomfortable. “Muhjah, I gave you credit for something noble and good, but that’s not it is it? The Emperor’s just convenient.” Another peal of laughter broke free, and she doubled over with the force of it. Senka ..."
"... like some secret had been brought to light. “I don’t think you’re right,” he finally retorted. “My hatred of the Emperor is real and righteous. I’ve never felt any other way and I would remember making him a handy pawn.” He pushed Senka over, making room in the bed and ..."
"...Emperornity to enter the palace grounds came in the form of shining gilded carriages. Once a year, when the weather was the nicest and the traversed lands of the country were at their most bountiful, the Emperor entertained the rulers of the two neighboring countries. It sent the city into ..."
"...Emperorday of the two rulers’ expected arrival, the Emperor arranged a military display of arms and the palace guard marched in their most glorious costumes. Bands played, and the people were amazed. What, after all, are such events about if not, in part, to dissuade future upheavals? Chiyo thought. Although ..."
"... Before taking further action, they had to wait long enough for the soldiers to foolishly decide that just like the previous six dead sentries, there was no attack, and long enough for the Emperor to be told two more men had fallen and then forget as he was occupied by entertaining his guests. ..."
"...Emperoraited and hid, creeping ever forward throughout the next day and night. She sat patient and quiet as a mouse, listening to the sounds from the house. She was amazed by what she heard. She listened as the crickets’ song gave way to that of the bird. She listened as ..."
"... The room was ridiculously bright. The Emperor had ensured his guests could clearly see the richness of the colors in his delicate scrolls and detailed tapestries. They will also see just how red his blood is, Chiyo thought with a grim smile as she locked eyes on her prey. She was so very close. ..."
"...Emperor I came here, I was so innocent, though I didn’t know it,” she explained to the Emperor only. She didn’t care about the others in the room. “I thought I was a woman of the world, learned and wise. I was wrong. This place taught me that. It has ..."
"...Emperored as though the Emperor watched her with a sort of morbid fascination. She was so at ease and relaxed, like a child playing at warrior, but her eyes were cold and deadly, blazing like sunlight reflecting off of ice in the deepest winter. She knew he could tell that ..."
"...Emperorregretfully she let her last resin egg slip and hatch death to those between her and her Emperor. Its brothers have wrought such vengeance already, she pondered. Why should this one be denied? She held her breath and watched it roll slowly with seemingly too little force, but the stone ..."
"... the coverage was too thin. Chiyo watched the Emperor look at the guards of his neighbors. They stood, weapons drawn, tightly around their masters but seemed unprepared to do battle for him. Without a mutual aid agreement, he was a fool they might be best rid of. The white of Chiyo’s dress ..."
"...Emperorhad been close enough to the great hall to hear the last of the exchange. It wasn’t unthinkable that she had already reached the Emperor. Finding him had been incredibly easy because one only needed to follow the most lavishly decorated halls. Muhjah had noticed that Kenichi had put his ..."
"...Emperorroke through the thin ranks of the guard without looking back. She knew Senka and Muhjah would deal with them. The Emperor shook, but his sword was raised and his stance correct. They circled each other, their swords tip to tip. No doubt he had years more training than she ..."
"... Chiyo spun around as if she had been struck. She looked at the serious faces of her closest, most trusted friends and knew the faces of betrayal. The nyims looked uncertainly from one to the other because even though the Emperor had no legitimate heir, there was protocol to be followed. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...The announcement of her enthronement spread like a wildfire. It was generally received well with only a few minor uprisings in the capital by those in support of Emperor Kenichi’s three-year-old nephew’s right to rule with his father acting as proxy. All were easily quelled by the guard or a well-placed assassination by Senka. Everyone saw his or her opportunity to profit or prosper by the change in the regime. ..."
"...Emperorerstood why they had done it, but that knowledge hadn’t helped much. She basically had the proper pedigree. She hadn’t been from a class; she was just an interloper in their realm. She had been simply close enough to all the ranks to be accepted and far enough removed to ..."

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