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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
"...“Perhaps you don’t know this, but I’m a calculating person. What is the purpose of Snake’s visions if not to enable us to align the future to benefit the most people? Awaiting the Arm’s arrival has been one of the main preoccupations of my time in the service of Kali. That she has finally arrived is a great weight off of my mind. I wish that I could step back and hand the task to another, but I’m not yet finished, and I need your help.” ..."
" the bearer of these tidings. Can you do that for me? Go to the people. Tell your story; proclaim Chiyo Alglaeca the fulfiller of the Goddess’ Arm prophecy. Build her reputation so that when the time comes for her to fulfill her duty, she is known by all. Kali promised to send us a savior. She never promised we wouldn’t have work to do, too.” ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
"...These cunning ladies were representatives of the Sacerdotisa, or cult, of the Goddess Kali, held captive so that they couldn’t preach against the Lord Emperor. Though fewer and fewer people came to the services or declared their love of the Holy Mother, the nyim wasn’t able to kill or imprison them. The time of their influence had passed, but they filled an important, ..."
"...As evening fell and the confusion started to die down, the priestesses of the Goddess Kali lay Chiyo in the decorated carriage, with the sheer curtains drawn and lit from within to provide a seemingly ethereal glow, and walked into the courtyard. Many of the guards and staff were surprise. Some of the more devout or openly committed knelt as the procession passed, and more ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
"...had been the youngest daughter of an equally old, though less respectable, family. She had been pregnant twice before Senka was born but had miscarried. There had been rumors that she was cursed to bear no children. Those in the village claimed she sought the wisdom of the Goddess Kali to lift the curse, and that children so born always belonged to the Goddess because they would have never been born without her intercession. ..."
"...nor force people to give up their long-held beliefs, but he could, over the term of his rule, relabel the belief as passé, thereby undermining the priestesses. It had taken twenty years, but he finally was seeing results. No one aspiring to be cosmopolitan spoke well of the Goddess Kali or her Sacerdotisa. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
"... late-afternoon sun shone down as if on them alone and long shadows stretched ominously behind them. Kali calls her children to her side, cradles the lost, and fends off the enemy of the faithful. Back at the campsite, Muhjah and Senka awoke and found her place by the fire empty. Muhjah ..."
"... a child close, and it be she who reaches out to you. “Greet a neighbor, and it be she who blesses you in return. Kali, Holy Mother of us all, “We call to you. “We exalt you. “You are the Mother of all things. “You are bounty. “You are faith. “Our ..."
"... but not as so happy. I don’t remember any as particularly happy.” “No, it would have had a good dose of fear mixed in. Such songs were only sung in secret. Kali wasn’t a welcome guest in our home, but she was there.” His hands were on his hips with his elbows back and chest out: a ..."
"...He had accepted that he was bound to Kali. She had been lurking in his shadow for as long as he could remember. Sometimes he had felt stalked by her, but most of the time he simply had accepted her in the same way he had accepted the passing breeze or the hard-packed earth beneath his feet, all ..."
"... rarely infringed on. “Well, I suppose I was thinking of how Kali is supposed to be the epitome of motherly kindness, and that she has allowed her children to fall very low. I’ve heard people asking why she would do this, and I was considering the answer.” “True, there’s no ..."
" able to learn and grow on their own. If always coddled, they are never allowed to fall, make mistakes, or fail and, therefore, never make any forward progress. It’s better to struggle forward through misfortune and trial than to remain safely in stagnation, don’t you think? I respect Kali for allowing us to stand on our own and learn to depend on each other and ourselves.” ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter 9
" or not. Those with weak faith might well believe it. The true damage is to those who truly believe in Chiyo now and that their suffering might soon come to an end. The Goddess’s representative can’t be coercible or corruptible. To be such would invalidate her compact with Kali. If Chiyo signs such a wretched document, they’ll believe themselves deceived and be disappointed. They’ll return to hopelessness and be less likely to believe in change for the future. The emperor will have truly won.” ..."
"... to anything?” “Because you’ve spent close to four years with her, and you know as well as I do that Chiyo is special and, frankly, your refusal would surely be a sign from Kali that it wasn’t to be, and I would, naturally, rescind our offer of assistance.” “You’re ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
"...or compromise her own gravitas. She had been waiting for them to arrive ever since she had received word that the capital complex was overrun with imperial soldiers. The soldiers had come to them as well, but as Chiyo and her friends had not yet arrived, the inhabitants of Kalinus Keep could truthfully say they weren’t there. Search as the soldiers might, no fugitives were found. The emperor hasn’t bothered calling on the local nyim’s men, she noted. It’s a sign he is angry and wants things settled quickly. ..."
"...“He’s dead by the way,” Muhjah interjected. “Died at the hands of his own prisoners. It was very fitting. Anyway, after getting the hell out of that stinking dungeon, it took us a day and a half to get here, to Kalinus Keep and the care of the glorious Sacerdotisa.” He rolled his eyes to show his sarcasm. ..."
"...Chiyo snorted. She wanted to argue, but memories of her recent nightmares stilled her tongue. She understood. The Sacerdotisa had helped her companions free her from the emperor so that she could be handed over to them. Indoctrination by the followers of the Goddess Kali might be interesting, and it wasn’t as if she was all that committed to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of her childhood. Her family hadn’t been churchgoers to start with. ..."
"... most recently by the emperor and his lovely inquisitor,” Chiyo responded. “It comes from a prophecy sent to the sisterhood by the blessed Mother and Goddess. It’s said that the Goddess Kali once said: ‘My children, who are myself, you are dear to me. Because I love you, who are ..."
"...waited a long time for your arrival. We have been patient, but it’s now time; time to throw off the shackles of our oppressors, to take back the love of the land, and to strike back at those who bludgeon us. I was a mere babe when the merciful Kali told me of your predestination. I wept bitter tears—joyous that a savior was to come, frightened at the breadth of time destined to pass before your arrival. I feared I wouldn’t live to witness it for myself. The Goddess has been kind. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
"... am your Goddess, and I have returned to you.” “And so it is to the snake that we, the Sacerdotisa, look for knowledge and contact with the Goddess Kali. It must be to the snake you go to learn what it is that the Goddess wishes of you.” Chiyo listened intently. It wasn’t the first ..."
"...“The official doctrine says that the Goddess Kali, out of divine generosity, then sent the snake to the Sacerdotisa to guide them onto the proper path in life, and through the Sacerdotisa all of humanity would know of her love. For many generations this was, in part, true. The cult was powerful and was able to accomplish ..."
"...“To us, like the snake, the blessed Goddess Kali is all things. Her love for us is boundless, but no love is without pain, and we have caused her a great grievance. It is shameful, and it initially came to us through the snake’s love for her.” She paused and settled herself further into her chair. She took ..."
"... to repay. “My family secretly worshiped the Goddess, so I was well aware of the legends. The current emperor was still only a child, and his father had demonized the sisterhood. It was dangerous to be known as followers of Kali, but in our home she was worshiped above all others. “What I ..."
"...“People, on a whole, behave predictably. It’s relatively rare that anyone does anything wholly unexpected, and generally people tend to protect those who are important to them at the expense of others. Although not human, the snake was no different, and he loved the Goddess Kali above all else. He thought it right and proper for others to love her as well. ..."
"...“In their predictability humans change. While some constants remain, the human race is forever evolving: seeking the better fit, the more efficient method, the proper opinion, etc. Kali, however, remains herself. She remains the ground underfoot, the air, the tree, and even our own flesh, but mankind advanced and gradually began to forget this. Many forgot her love for them altogether. The memory of her death faded. People rarely spoke of the fact that her return was ..."
"... himself, this had been her plan all along. “His chest swelled with pride. No creature but he could accomplish it, and, thus, no creature could more readily show his love for the Goddess Kali. He was pleased with his plan and set out immediately. “His first challenge was, of course, to ..."
"...told others of the things the snake told her. They were seemingly small matters, but it was only Keme who knew of them. Soon people passing came to her for advice and tidings. Her reputation grew, and she became a renowned oracle. The snake attributed all the greatness to Kali, and through Keme people began again to remember and rejoice in her name. As time passed Keme garnered followers and the Sacerdotisa was born. ..."
"... forgotten you. Again they love you as they should, as they once did,’ he said. Kali smiled at the snake, which he so desperately wanted. But her smile was sad. It held none of the warmth he loved so much. “‘Snake, my dear one, the humans are a small matter. You still love me. The ..."
"... “It was a rhetorical question. Kali could see that he didn’t. It grieved her that the snake saw the future events, but he saw nothing that had given him pause. What were the tears of a few future humans to his love for his Goddess? he had thought. Kali watched as he struggled with her words. ..."
"... be her dearest snake. Kali regrettably took back the snake’s ability to see the future. He had cherished the gift she had given him because he had seen himself as special, chosen, and above his peers. He had become arrogant, and as punishment it was taken away. “The Sacerdotisa ..."
"... “The Sacerdotisa received no more insight into the things to come. They performed their rituals and prayers to the snake, the representative of the Goddess Kali, but the oracles no longer had visions. The snake no longer visited, and prayers weren’t answered. The Goddess was silent. ..."
"...“This fact was kept quiet within the order, a secret so closely guarded that most within the ranks didn’t, and still don’t, know. So time passed. The emperor’s efforts to suppress the Sacerdotisa continued, and without the prophecies the sisterhood more often fell prey. The worship of the Goddess Kali was marginalized. Her rituals were usurped and given new meanings. Her name became associated with superstition, and those who continued to give her praise began to do so in secret. ..."
"...“So Kali came to me. She told me of the snake’s love for her and the painful choice she had made in punishing him. She told me he would once again visit her daughters, the Sacerdotisa, and we must do as instructed, no matter how distasteful. We must not make the ..."
"...“We were never expected to simply sit and wait. We had to make this happen. You see Kali showed us that time isn’t anywhere near as constraining as you might expect. A number of years ago, we sent seven young women out into the world. I suppose, even now, they’re out there somewhere. Because of your arrival, it can be assumed that somewhere in the annals of ..."
"... had done it. She wanted to destroy the lives of those responsible for her situation, but now it appeared as though that was impossible. They were already destroyed, and it was only a matter of time before everyone knew what the upper echelon already did: Kali had abandoned them. Chiyo simply ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter 13
"...wanting to thank them for their kindness because they had been kind to her and kicking them. She still didn’t know exactly how, but these ladies with this “heavy burden,” were definitely responsible for this whole rotten situation. It was with great relief that she turned her back on Kalinus Keep. ..."
"... about.” Moran looked at Relda’s small, rod-straight back and sensed an out-of-place tension. It clashed against her own feelings of well being. Have we not sent the Goddess’s Arm out into the world to do Kali’s bidding? It is a time of celebration, isn’t it? “Have we done ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"...affect on her. She had memorized the pages’ content long ago, but when serious thought was required, she always pulled the book from its locked drawer. She needed the buffer that her illustrations provided, the comfort of quotidian totems, and the Mother Goddess’s moral support, and on those pages Kali was looking out at her. ..."
"... As she so often did, Valdis traced her beloved Goddess’s squat, rounded figure. Kali had always been a balm for her, and Valdis prayed for guidance and strength of will. She wished to leave the long, uncomfortable path she walked. It plagued her, drove her, and was finally ending. A ..."
"...The two women studied each other. It was a conversation they’d had hundreds of times before. Relda could bemoan the necessity of their mission, but as the honorary of Kali’s audience, she never truly wavered. Valdis, having never been honored with the Goddess’s presence, had no room to doubt. She couldn’t afford to be anything but fully committed. Thus, neither woman ever took any other position. ..."
"...Relda nodded. “Such solace soothes the mind but does so little for the soul. Anyhow, to continue—she has been fully versed in the mystique of Kali and the myth of the Goddess’s Arm. She’s quick to grasp things, so she had little difficulty understanding the symbolic and inspirational role we’re asking her to play. She isn’t one to seek the limelight, so she wasn’t particularly pleased, but considering all she has to do is continue ..."
"...Valdis nodded and pinched the bridge of her nose in an attempt to ward off an impending headache. Though Valdis said nothing, Relda could fill the silence with snippets of past conversation. “It’s a lie. How can we let anyone believe that we’ve been abandoned by Kali, the one who promised to always love us?” Relda remembered her saying and knew Valdis wanted to say it now. But she didn’t. As always, at such times, Relda was right. She was simply speaking the hard truth of the matter, and it would only injure Valdis further to ..."
"... Valdis further to argue against it again. “When she has really done as we intend—destroyed us and dirtied and rubbed out the very name of our great Goddess Kali, it is she who will fill the void in the people’s lives,” she said instead. Relda looked at her counterpart and nodded. ..."
"...Relda leaned back. She had spoken more than intended and was weary. It seemed so long ago that Kali had come to her and changed her life forever. She remembered the beautiful manner in which Kali’s skin had given off a slight sheen as if lightly oiled. Her hair had been untended, snarled, and littered with small twigs and leaves, but her eyes had been what had given ..."
"... Surely she could have been a more filial daughter. She had looked at her dirty toes. “Well, what’s your name?” Relda said. “Me? I’m Kali.” Relda’s head had snapped back up, shocked. “Ah, I see you know my name, too.” “Of course I do!” Relda exclaimed. “Were ..."
"...Relda had been confused, but Kali had offered no further explanation. She had waited. Feeling braver Relda had looked again into those frightful, timeless eyes, and suddenly she had known to whom she was talking and in whose presence she was. Surely the shock had shown on her face, but this time she hadn’t been ..."
"...The story Kali had told her had made her cry further. She had fully appreciated the snake’s position, and it had grieved her to hear that her beloved Mother didn’t want the humans to know of her. It had felt as if this meant they were unloved. The idea of not knowing ..."
"...Kali had been patient. She had held Relda while she cried and mourned. Relda had been losing her future. She had never been able to look at the Sisters of the Sacerdotisa the same again. She had carried a knowledge denied the rest of them that separated her from the ..."
"...had wanted to deny what she was hearing. Surely mankind hadn’t ever harmed their Mother. Surely the Sacerdotisa couldn’t have been better off disbanded—dare she thought dead—but she had been a practical child and understood the logic presented. It wouldn’t have occurred to her to distrust the word of Kali, so in the end she had accepted it. ..."
"... It wouldn’t have occurred to her to distrust the word of Kali, so in the end she had accepted it. Kali had recognized the understanding and acceptance in the young Relda’s expression. “Now listen and remember. Your life will never be the same again. But I’ll always love you, you who ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...From her bent position, Valdis said, “We, the Sacerdotisa of the Goddess Kali, have long awaited your arrival, and I, Valdis, Maven of the Sisterhood of the Snake, have waited a long time to meet you, the foretold Savior and Right Arm of the Goddess Kali. We have worshiped her, prayed to her, and taught the people of her, but it’s only ..."
"...Chiyo allowed it to run its course and then shouted, “I am Chiyo Alglacea, Empress of DashKalil, Right Arm of the Goddess Kali, Bearer of Salvation, and the Savior of the People. I declare myself. I stand before you not as a woman but as the sole representative of you, the sole intermediary between you and the heavens. I have been tasked with ensuring the well being of you, your children, and ..."

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