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1. Chapter 1
"Chiyo opened her eyes and looked up at the crisp blue sky. There was a fluttering in front of it as the leaves of a sparsely foliaged tree waved lazily. ... " - read more
2. Chapter 2
"Senka and Muhjah sat under an overhanging tree, avoiding the rain and shared a piece of scavenged fruit. Muhjah looked around at the bedraggled group. “This really is a fine ... " - read more
3. Chapter 3
"Eyes of the faithful fall to earth, for her messenger must be found there. Andela was an old woman, comfortable in her anonymity. Even though she felt a little remorse ... " - read more
4. Chapter 4
"Look behind you, and she is there. Kneel, and she kneels with you. Breathe deep and know that she is real. You need only reach out to her, and she ... " - read more
5. Chapter 5
"You must love each other as I love you. Do this, and I shall send myself to you. In time Chiyo, Muhjah and Senka adjusted to each other. The two ... " - read more
6. Chapter 6
"Though painful, Chiyo’s wounds weren’t serious and would take little time to heal. The somber group moved out not long after day’s full grace. By early evening they had reached ... " - read more
7. Chapter 7
"Despite her resolution to accept the loss of her previous life, Chiyo found herself thinking of her family more often. Sleep became another pleasant memory as she found that she ... " - read more
8. Chapter 8
"Back at the campsite, Muhjah and Senka awoke and found her place by the fire empty. Muhjah groaned. It wasn’t unusual. They were pretty used to her morning constitutionals, but ... " - read more
9. Chapter 9
"Senka and Muhjah reached Capital City in good time. They had little trouble entering the city itself. Commerce regularly occurred within its walls, and swordsmen were often brought along as ... " - read more
10. Chapter 10
"A page was sent to fetch the abbess, who entered quickly without appearing to rush or compromise her own gravitas. She had been waiting for them to arrive ever since ... " - read more
11. Chapter 11
"Chiyo didn’t know how long it had been since she had seen daylight. The old woman, Relda was her name, had so much she wanted to impart to her. Relda ... " - read more
12. Chapter 12
"Chiyo lay a on a hard but not uncomfortable sedan. The excitement of the women around her made the air spark, but Chiyo only watched one. Moran stood against a ... " - read more
13. Chapter 13
"“I will carve a path in my very flesh for you.” The priestesses gathered in the courtyard to see them off. Muhjah was kissed many times. Senka was bowed to ... " - read more
14. Chapter 14
"My love is a prison from which my flesh shall set you free. Valdis looked down at the open book on her desk. It was familiar, handwritten, and elaborately decorated, ... " - read more
15. Chapter 15
"Crouching outside the well-coifed palace gate, the three sat like ghosts. None of them spoke of why they were there. Having already raised the emperor’s ire, they didn’t need to ... " - read more
16. Chapter 16
"The announcement of her enthronement spread like a wildfire. It was generally received well with only a few minor uprisings in the capital by those in support of Emperor Kenichi’s ... " - read more
17. Epilogue
"“Come on, Dad. You promised I’d get to see the gift shop before it closes.” “A little more culture and a little less commerce won’t hurt you,” he said, ... " - read more

"The Weeping Empress is a beautifully written and insightful piece of fiction that explores many different themes including that of..."

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