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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
"...was an old woman, comfortable in her anonymity. Even though she felt a little remorse for leaving the group and not discovering what would happen to Chiyo, that strange and contradictory woman, she also felt it was her duty to pass the information on to the Sisters of the Sacerdotisa before it was lost. Andela felt certain she was seeing the beginning of something great. ..."
"...The Sacerdotisa had been around for as long as humans could remember. There had been a time when they had been extremely powerful and when no child had been born without being indoctrinated in the ways of Snake and the Holy Mother. Andela had never officially joined the order, but her ..."
"...It took her two days to reach a settlement containing a Sacerdotisa Church. She went to the morning service and prayed for guidance. She savored the quiet peace of the place and had never failed to feel her heart settle within the walls of the Sacred Goddess. When she felt sufficiently confident in the ordering of her tale, she asked to ..."
"... Kranglin invited Andela to remain with the Sisters of Bestire while her report was being written and sent to Capital City and Head Priestess Valdis. Andela accepted happily; she was unable to return home, so the comfortable walls of the Sacerdotisa were the next best thing. Kranglin ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
"...These cunning ladies were representatives of the Sacerdotisa, or cult, of the Goddess Kali, held captive so that they couldn’t preach against the Lord Emperor. Though fewer and fewer people came to the services or declared their love of the Holy Mother, the nyim wasn’t able to kill or imprison them. The time of their influence had ..."
"...They could have run away and used the distraction of the fight to leave without anyone’s knowledge, but they were the Sacerdotisa and they didn’t scurry like ants under a boot. They took off the Stas’s finery and returned to the comfort of their habits. They were well practiced at doing things in a collective manner and worked well together. ..."
"... Muhjah quipped. “Keeps things interesting.” The woman leveled her eyes at him suggestively. “Please know that if she ever needs assistance, she need only call on the Sacerdotisa.” “Why?” he asked as much to annoy her as out of curiosity. “You know why.” They stood ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"...fought for the people’s freedom and stood strong for those who were weak. They said she sacrificed her body for the lives of those held captive. They said she was the chosen one of the Goddess, her right Arm, acting as her emissary on earth when she rescued the Sacerdotisa. She would do so again when she saved the people from the emperor’s oppression. How do they know about these things, let alone imagine that they know anything of their meaning? It frightens me—these things they’re saying. I’m not anyone’s savior. ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
"...Emperor Kenichi handed the devastated Cardinova off to the wardens and called for his personal guard. It was time to address the matter himself. He was being underestimated and mocked, and it was time to meet this “savior.” He had no intention of letting her empower the Sacerdotisa again. They had long been problematic, and he had only recently made headway in reducing their influence. ..."
"...the cheery words he was saying, but nothing registered. Sensing that this encounter was important she tried to drag herself back to reality. In an attempt to focus, her eyes followed the pattern sewn into the collar of his robe. It reminded her of the similarly patterned garment the Sacerdotisa had given her. She noted the firmness and comfort of the couch she was sitting on. She wondered how old he was. She forced herself to think of anything but her family. She fought to stuff their memory back into the recesses of her mind and concentrate on the ..."
"...The Sacerdotisa had always been a thorn in the emperor’s side, and Durward’s dungeon had seen more than a few of them. Kenichi’s father had first identified their influence as a threat and began actively suppressing them. His father had prohibited the practice, making it punishable by death. Many died, and ..."
" give up their long-held beliefs, but he could, over the term of his rule, relabel the belief as passé, thereby undermining the priestesses. It had taken twenty years, but he finally was seeing results. No one aspiring to be cosmopolitan spoke well of the Goddess Kali or her Sacerdotisa. ..."
"...The Sacerdotisa had been a problem, but through his influence it was being handled. Chiyo was in his grasp, would soon be dead, and would be a problem no more. That just left her cohorts. He sent out a new order to eliminate Senka and Muhjah, who had legitimately broken the ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
"...Despite its lack of formal incorporation, there was a busy ebullience to the place that in other political climates would have invited joyous participation of all. From their position at the roadside, the two men could just hear the Sacerdotisa’s chant drift up from the grove. The sound was too faint at first to make out words, but Senka recognized the familiar singsong pattern: the long declarative thrust of authority and the clipped emotional cries of the faithful. ..."
"... agreement but said dejectedly, “It’s good that she expects such from her peoples.” He felt Muhjah watch him closely. It was a persona Senka frequently affected when confronted with the Sacerdotisa. “It has nothing to do with us,” Senka continued, turning away. Their years together ..."
"...Their years together had taught Muhjah that although Senka encountered difficulties formulating concrete ideas on the subject, he believed in the interconnectedness of all things and the existence of a corporal, if impassive, deity. He appreciated the Sacerdotisa’s attempts to be a joyous impetus and had always treated them with a certain passive respect, but he also believed that, as steeped in blood as he and Muhjah were, they were excluded from the grace and comforts of the Goddess’s cult. Even if he were barred from their ..."
"...“True, there’s no disputing that the Sacerdotisa have fallen from greatness,” Muhjah conceded. “They aren’t without followers, but so many just see them as quaint remnants of a bygone age, respected as perpetrators of good works and welcomed as kindly aunts, I guess. How to say—their reputation still holds emotional sway in the hearts of people—just ..."
"...“Twelve months later, she gave birth to twin girls. She named them Apiyo and Nakato. Her health was very poor after the birth, and fearing for their upbringing she entrusted them to the care of the Sacerdotisa. Their father was furious because of this. He accused her of thievery and of deceitfulness. Nabirye simply replied that the Goddess had blessed her, and because she had been denied the opportunity to return the blessing, she had been forced to pass the duty to her daughters. She stopped ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter 9
"...They were sitting at a table outside of a small café, looking up at the citadel. Senka tapped Muhjah with his foot and gestured subtly across the street. A lone Sacerdotisa stood there, odd in her individuality. They almost never traveled alone. The community of the order was one of their best-known attributes. ..."
"... they were quickly escorted to the office of the head priestess. **** The three of them looked at each other tensely for a few moments. The head of the Order of the Sacerdotisa sighed and introduced herself. “Valdis.” “Muhjah, Senka,” Muhjah said, thumping himself and then ..."
"...“In exchange for our help, you must promise to deliver Chiyo, willing or not, to us for Trial. You’ll leave her in our care, allowing us to teach her the ways of the Goddess and fully initiate her into the Sacerdotisa. You may remain as our guest during this time, but Chiyo must stay in seclusion.” ..."
"...wave his hand, dismissing the topic, and knew he wanted quiet time to think and fully mull over Valdis’s offer. It solved their primary problem of how to get into the palace and find Chiyo, but it presented a new dilemma. They would immediately lose her again. Admittedly the Sacerdotisa was the lesser evil, but Muhjah wasn’t happy about it and Chiyo wouldn’t be either. He needed time to look at the angles and weigh the pros and cons, but time was the one thing he knew he didn’t have. ..."
"...Above ground the emperor had no intention of letting this slight pass. He had the sewer grate leading to the tunnels sealed and a guard posted with orders to kill anyone inside. Meanwhile, since there was little doubt that the Sacerdotisa were behind this, he sent men to the abbey. It was also a good time to see if Cardinova’s man stood up to the nyim’s praise. ..."
"...stone. If she listened to the commotion around her, she gave no sign of it. If she was disturbed by the presence of soldiers in her sacred space, she hid it behind a placid exterior. They had been prepared for the men’s arrival, and that certainly suggested that the Sacerdotisa had expected them. They would have had no reason to expect imperial reprisal unless they at least knew about the escape. It didn’t prove they had been involved, but he knew they must have been. ..."
"...seem to notice. She trooped along oblivious to their discomfort and thrilled to be in the presence of the Goddess’ Arm, even if she was unconscious. It struck Muhjah that Cassia was somewhat simple and exceptionally faithful, harboring no doubt that Chiyo would wake and bring honor to the Sacerdotisa. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
"...was of late middle age, round, and meticulous. She listened to Chiyo’s labored breathing, muttering all the while. She neatly stitched the open wound on her patient’s arm. Muhjah was amused to notice that the overlapping stitches formed a symmetric pattern. It would scar, but leave it to the Sacerdotisa to create beauty even in something as gruesome as bodily injury. ..."
"...“He’s dead by the way,” Muhjah interjected. “Died at the hands of his own prisoners. It was very fitting. Anyway, after getting the hell out of that stinking dungeon, it took us a day and a half to get here, to Kalinus Keep and the care of the glorious Sacerdotisa.” He rolled his eyes to show his sarcasm. ..."
"... us a day and a half to get here, to Kalinus Keep and the care of the glorious Sacerdotisa.” He rolled his eyes to show his sarcasm. “The Sacerdotisa?” “Yeah, I know you’re not all that fond of them, but—” He stopped and looked at his hands intently. “I don’t dislike them or ..."
"...Chiyo snorted. She wanted to argue, but memories of her recent nightmares stilled her tongue. She understood. The Sacerdotisa had helped her companions free her from the emperor so that she could be handed over to them. Indoctrination by the followers of the Goddess Kali might be interesting, and it wasn’t as if she was all that committed to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of her childhood. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
"... am your Goddess, and I have returned to you.” “And so it is to the snake that we, the Sacerdotisa, look for knowledge and contact with the Goddess Kali. It must be to the snake you go to learn what it is that the Goddess wishes of you.” Chiyo listened intently. It wasn’t the first ..."
"... of you.” Chiyo listened intently. It wasn’t the first time that Relda had related the old myths to her. The importance they held to the Sacerdotisa couldn’t be overemphasized, as they were the very basis of their existence, but today Relda seemed to have more to say. “The ..."
"...“The official doctrine says that the Goddess Kali, out of divine generosity, then sent the snake to the Sacerdotisa to guide them onto the proper path in life, and through the Sacerdotisa all of humanity would know of her love. For many generations this was, in part, true. The cult was powerful and was able to accomplish many things. Many people benefited, and I believe we did a ..."
"... above all others. “What I didn’t yet know, as very few do, is that the snake hadn’t visited the Sacerdotisa for many generations. The frequent visions sent to the oracles had ceased long before that. The Sacerdotisa was nothing more than a shadow of its former self. “At the time there ..."
"...them. Soon people passing came to her for advice and tidings. Her reputation grew, and she became a renowned oracle. The snake attributed all the greatness to Kali, and through Keme people began again to remember and rejoice in her name. As time passed Keme garnered followers and the Sacerdotisa was born. ..."
"...“The snake charged Keme and her early Sacerdotisa with ensuring that humanity never again sacrilegiously forgot the Goddess. They traveled far and wide, bringing wisdom and foresight with them. By all accounts they were successful. The knowledge of the Goddess, which had been waning, was revived and the Cult of the Sacerdotisa became one of the cornerstones ..."
"... “The Sacerdotisa received no more insight into the things to come. They performed their rituals and prayers to the snake, the representative of the Goddess Kali, but the oracles no longer had visions. The snake no longer visited, and prayers weren’t answered. The Goddess was silent. ..."
"...“This fact was kept quiet within the order, a secret so closely guarded that most within the ranks didn’t, and still don’t, know. So time passed. The emperor’s efforts to suppress the Sacerdotisa continued, and without the prophecies the sisterhood more often fell prey. The worship of the Goddess Kali was marginalized. Her rituals were usurped and given new meanings. Her name became associated with superstition, and those who continued to give her praise began to do so in secret. ..."
"...“So Kali came to me. She told me of the snake’s love for her and the painful choice she had made in punishing him. She told me he would once again visit her daughters, the Sacerdotisa, and we must do as instructed, no matter how distasteful. We must not make the snake’s mistake. She would send to us her Arm to do her works on earth. ..."
"...When Relda stopped, silence descended. Listening to the origins of the Sacerdotisa was interesting, but not as fascinating as hearing that Relda and the Sacerdotisa were desperately scrambling to reestablish themselves. Their very existence was currently a lie. They received no more guidance from their Goddess than anyone else did. Their prayers carried no more weight than hers. ..."
"...she had been told. She needed it. She was conflicted. Thinking about what had brought her here resurfaced all of her pain and loss, but clearing up some of the mystery surrounding it had calmed her a bit. On top of it was the odd reasoning of why the Sacerdotisa had done it. ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"... she got dressed. The Sacerdotisa had left her another pretty, lightweight dress. Its fabric was almost gossamerlike. It felt like a cloud against her skin as she walked. The straps were thin and crossed in the back. No part of it touched the Goddess’s mark, she noticed. Having dressed, ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter 13
"...There had been no repeat of her nocturnal visit since leaving the Sacerdotisa’s confines. It had changed nothing in the relationship of the trio. Violence was still the most familiar passion amongst them, and they all still reveled unrestrained in it just as before. Some people might have channeled a part of this fervor into sex—perhaps even brought that same violence to ..."
"...don’t know anything more than I did before this.” She indicated the tattoo wrapping around her arm. “Moran told me to continue doing what I’ve always done, but what is that—eating, sleeping, fighting, ignoring all of this prophecy malarkey? I don’t think that can be what they want. The Sacerdotisa want something from me, something more than what they’re saying, and I don’t know what it is. That frightens me.” ..."
"... it, so I’m frozen. I can’t go back, but I don’t want to go forward either.” “So are you saying that you want to avoid the Sacerdotisa’s mission or that you are too afraid to stand up to them?” Chiyo cringed. “Don’t say it that way. If I can I would like to avoid it, but I ..."
"... challenge literally.” “Literally? Then maybe a coup d'état isn’t that far from the mark after all. Killing the emperor would destabilize the government. It could either give the Sacerdotisa an opening to regain power or just create chaos and more work for them.” Her head snapped back. ..."
"... have expected you to either.” “Maybe not, but that’s a pretty thin difference, Chiyo. The emperor has always been our enemy. Why change that now? Would you avoid killing him on the off chance that it coincided with the Sacerdotisa’s wishes?” “No.” “The Arm’s mythos has ..."
"... “The Arm’s mythos has set you in opposition to the emperor, but the Sacerdotisa have made no move against him, neither have they directly asked that you do so. So, though our current ambition may not completely diverge from that of Moran and company, it doesn’t kowtow to them either.” ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"...“As agreed, she’s been told that the Goddess’s Arm’s purpose is to redeem the Sacerdotisa and right the spiritual wrongs of the past. I intimated that we would again be sent premonitions and visions as a result of her efforts. We might, therefore, regain our social status and climb again to the top of the social strata. ..."
"...“I feel confident that as the Goddess has asked, Chiyo will remove us from the future. The Sacerdotisa won’t be remembered, however, even I have no way to know by what mechanism this might be accomplished. Perhaps she’ll simply slaughter us all. The most we can do is provide the infrastructure to support the people once we’ve been removed. They’ll likely feel abandoned, maybe even angry.” ..."
"...Kali had been patient. She had held Relda while she cried and mourned. Relda had been losing her future. She had never been able to look at the Sisters of the Sacerdotisa the same again. She had carried a knowledge denied the rest of them that separated her from the fold. Kali had understood what Relda had been grieving. She had waited. ..."
"... me.” “I do! We do. Please don’t go! Don’t leave us.” “It’s already done, my dear, but to leave the Sacerdotisa to malinger and die is a cruelty I can’t bear. Better a swift execution, a—coup de grâce.” Relda had been aghast; to hear such words from her loving Goddess ..."
"...You’re all so undeniably special, but you value power, control, and knowledge too much. If that aspect of your species could be changed, perhaps your destiny would be different, but Relda, you are what you are and you get what you want by any means. Should I allow the Sacerdotisa to continue as they are, I would be forced to watch my children destroy themselves and their brethren with them. My very skin would be rent, and it would be me who mourns the loss. Isn’t it better to sacrifice the few for the many, even if you are ..."
"...Relda had wanted to deny what she was hearing. Surely mankind hadn’t ever harmed their Mother. Surely the Sacerdotisa couldn’t have been better off disbanded—dare she thought dead—but she had been a practical child and understood the logic presented. It wouldn’t have occurred to her to distrust the word of Kali, so in the end she had accepted it. ..."
"...But I’ll always love you, you who are both my child and myself. I’ll love you even as you strive to destroy yourselves. But should you search for me, you won’t find me. Should you call, I’ll not answer. I’ll disappear from this land. But, Relda, to tell the Sacerdotisa that I’m doing this for the good of all only invites them to venerate my glorious sacrifice and has just the opposite effect. I must be forgotten and with me the Sacerdotisa because they’re a living memory of me. ..."
"...“I can’t ask you to do this on your own, but you must prepare the fallow. I’ll send a vassal to you. Like the shot that quickly puts a wounded animal out of its misery, through her the Sacerdotisa will die, but you must prepare for her. You must seek her out and ensure the time is right for her. I’m sorry, my child. You must bear this for me so that I might continue to love you.” ..."
"...She and Relda were the only two people who truly understood that the purpose of the Goddess’s Arm was to cut off her head. Even Olwen had been told she was searching for the means of reviving the Sacerdotisa’s greatness so that they might free the people from their oppressors. It was a lonely space to inhabit—the informed among the ignorant. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
"...well-coifed palace gate, the three sat like ghosts. None of them spoke of why they were there. Having already raised the emperor’s ire, they didn’t need to limit themselves to mere emissaries and supply trains anymore. Chiyo had also become convinced that killing the emperor constituted rebelling against the Sacerdotisa and was willing to disregard the obvious risks to do so. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...Over the heads of the bowing audience, Chiyo saw the wispy coverings of the Sacerdotisa. She remembered the feel of that fine fabric against her skin. It engendered memories of the peaceful time spent with Relda, but those memories had been a lie, lulling her into acceptance and leading her down the final path to this hell. Remembering this her docility left her and ..."
"...From across the room, Chiyo made eye contact with Valdis. Both women smiled: Chiyo in a cold, bloodthirsty manner and Valdis in sad acceptance of what was to come. Chiyo knew now that she had been tricked. The Sacerdotisa had never wanted a mere symbolic rebel. Valdis and the upper echelon of the sisterhood had labored long and hard for this—to put one of their own in power, and even though the two had never met, there was a certain savage understanding between them. ..."
"...As the audience raised their heads and was allowed to take their seats, Valdis and Relda entered the proceedings. As far as they were concerned, they had accomplished what they came for. Chiyo’s bloodlust was apparent, but they must officially declare the Sacerdotisa’s support of Chiyo’s rule. They took their time walking down the aisle, trying not to appear hurried or nervous. It was too early to seem weakened, and they knew one must possess authority in order to engender authority. ..."
"... lowered their heads to the floor in a straight-backed formal bow. No one spoke, but there was a surprised shuffle as people looked around for an explanation. The leader of the Sacerdotisa wasn’t known to bow to anyone. From her bent position, Valdis said, “We, the Sacerdotisa of the ..."
"...From her bent position, Valdis said, “We, the Sacerdotisa of the Goddess Kali, have long awaited your arrival, and I, Valdis, Maven of the Sisterhood of the Snake, have waited a long time to meet you, the foretold Savior and Right Arm of the Goddess Kali. We have worshiped her, prayed to her, and taught the people of ..."
"...Valdis glanced once more at the scene behind her. The shocked hush of the room was almost deafening. The people knew the Sacerdotisa had supported Chiyo’s ascension, but that they would submit themselves completely to her rule was unthinkable. She knew there was general discomfort among the aristocratic personage because they realized just how much power their new ruler was going to have, and many were seeking to insulate themselves from harm ..."
"...She sliced the palm of her left hand, causing it to bleed profusely. It ran down her arm and splashed onto the balcony ledge. The pain was sharp and real, grounding her in a comforting way. She had made the Sacerdotisa’s destruction her mission and far more sisters would suffer than not. She would clothe her vendetta in the guise of protecting society. ..."

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