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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
"...Salvatione living in a time of darkness. Our people need hope, comfort, and a sense of spiritual support. This Chiyo that you speak of is the embodiment of these things. She will bring Salvation to us all, but she needs time to mature and find her place on the Goddess’ ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"... silk sleeve but continued to trace the raised patterns evident beneath it. Guibniu called it “Salvation,” an odd name, but she liked it well enough. In a sense the life of the sword had been a Salvation to her. **** Chiyo had been correct in both her estimates. If she had been a normal ..."
"... the desire to kill the man before her. Salvation was warm in her grip, light and the perfect extension to her arm. She imagined she could feel a powerful strength flowing out of it. They became one as she ducked below the larger man’s blade. **** Senka and Muhjah considered their ..."
" though they were watching a well-trained pupil. There had been a fatherly or an elderly brother’s affection. There had been trust and anticipation, but there also had been something else. It was elusive and that bothered her, just as it had when she considered her new relationship with Salvation. ..."
"...They returned to camp. Chiyo saw that Muhjah had collected Salvation’s discarded hardware and laid it neatly to the side. He passed her a steaming cup of tea and watched as she settled herself to the task at hand. She ran her fingers along the bonji as if she might touch its namesakes by doing so. Its stark redness took ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"...She shifted and looked below her. Sweeping dirt away, she saw the familiar hilt of Salvation. It filled her with the same rage she had used to block out the loss of her family for so long, but it had intensified. She clung to it now for the same reason, tending, feeding, and cultivating it until it filled her so completely that there was no ..."
"...The realization made her stagger and drop Salvation. What good is it to me now? She was alone and afraid. Somewhere out in the fog the echo of a heavy door closing sounded like the hollow toll of a cell door. She was trapped. The thought echoed through her head, Trapped, trapped, trapped. The words were painful. ..."
"... she continued, “I’ve brought you something.” She stepped aside to allow an acolyte to pass. To Chiyo’s shock, she carried Salvation. Chiyo thought it had been lost to her forever, as a new trinket in the emperor’s collection. “How did you manage to get it?” she asked in awe. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
"... cramped muscles. Reaching over her shoulder, she drew Salvation, listening to its soft, sharp whisper as it was released. With her back to the wall, she followed her quarry and prepared to dispatch those unfortunate enough to try and stop her. The beast stirred within her. The first to fall ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...Salvation was placed on a stand slightly behind him, nothing more than a showpiece in these proceedings. Her hand twitched, wanting so to grasp it. She took another step forward, mounted the three low steps, turned, and sank onto the throne. One last tear, long in coming, slid down her ..."
"...into acceptance and leading her down the final path to this hell. Remembering this her docility left her and renewed her anger—not the sorry-for-herself, lack of gumption, passive burning of the past few weeks but a real-life, hot-blooded, call-to-action rage that left her gasping and longing more strongly for Salvation. It was written all over her face. It was the first sign of life and the Chiyo of old that she had shown since coming to the castle. ..."
"...courtyard. It reminded her of Moran and the subterranean dais. When Chiyo, newly crowned, appeared, a cheer arose. Chiyo waved to them, and a second chorus clashed with the remnants of the first. She paused in agitated thought. Then turning abruptly on her heels, she rushed back inside, grabbed Salvation from its useless celebratory perch, and hurried back to the balcony and its waiting audience. ..."
"...She ripped Salvation from its saya with a savagery reserved for the battlefield and raised it high above her head so it shone in the afternoon sunlight. Her sleeve fell back revealing the body of the Goddess’s tattoo running the length of her arm. The sight of it sent another cheer racing ..."
"...Chiyo allowed it to run its course and then shouted, “I am Chiyo Alglacea, Empress of Dashkalil, Right Arm of the Goddess Kali, Bearer of Salvation, and the Savior of the People. I declare myself. I stand before you not as a woman but as the sole representative of you, the sole intermediary between you and the heavens. I have been tasked with ensuring the well being of you, your children, and your children’s children. ..."

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"Sadie is an incredible writer. I got drawn into Chiyo's world from page one and couldn't put it down until..."

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