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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
"...snakeacerdotisa had been around for as long as humans could remember. There had been a time when they had been extremely powerful and when no child had been born without being indoctrinated in the ways of snake and the Holy Mother. Andela had never officially joined the order, but her ..."
"...snake name is Andela Masterdon. I was raised just outside of Timeroon as much by the kind sisters there as by my own mother. The teachings of the sisterhood and words of snake were the stories of my youth. They have brought me many comforts during the hard times of ..."
"...snakea told her the same story she had recounted to Kranglin although Valdis asked significantly more questions. This, however, didn’t bother Andela because it meant that she and her claim were being taken seriously. She patiently answered each one. Valdis listened intently. At the end she looked Andela over. Andela’s ..."
"...snakerhaps you don’t know this, but I’m a calculating person. What is the purpose of snake’s visions if not to enable us to align the future to benefit the most people? Awaiting the Arm’s arrival has been one of the main preoccupations of my time in the service of Kali. ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
"... She wasn’t interested, and her cold demeanor told them so. She sensed disappointment as the room emptied. She examined the painting of the rotund women and snakes on the walls. “So you’re what passes as a deity around here?” she asked aloud. It felt good to hear her own voice. It ..."
"...There was no one to answer. She was still alone and scared. The air weighed on her, making it hard to breathe. Her breath came in hard-earned gasps. Her vision blurred and wavered. It made the painted walls move. It was like watching a group of snake charmers dance—arms out, hips back, knees up. They gyrated and swam to the pulse of blood beating behind her eyes. ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
" inside of her, considering different visages for it and comparing it to various animals. She tried to imagine it as a bear or a wolf but found the fur disturbing because it was too soft and there was nothing soft about this beast. She weighed the idea of snakes or kimono dragons and thought they fit much better. She could see it with thick scales, long talons, and pointed, bacteria-laden fangs that led to slow agonizing deaths. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
"... have? she thought to herself as she stood and began the slow progress across the room to join her new master. Stand so that snake might recognize you in the eyes of the Goddess. A page was sent to fetch the abbess, who entered quickly without appearing to rush or compromise her own ..."
"...She nodded and rolled her eyes. Sitting up, Chiyo ached. The days of rest had gone a long way toward healing her body. She looked significantly better, but deep wounds take time to heal. She ran her hand along the snakelike stitches. They hurt, but she liked the feel of them under her fingers. Flexing her bicep stretched the skin around them, causing it to sting. No doubt I will be strictly instructed not to, she thought as she looked around. Where are we? What’s going on? She knew that ..."
" reached the zenith of its swing and then slowly began its pendulous return. She watched until it closed with a thud. Sighing she tucked her head back into the row of women and faced forward again. She found herself looking into the yellow eyes of a large, angry-looking snake. It was rearing up in front of her, balanced on its latter third with apparent ease. ..."
"...She had seen snakes painted on many walls in the keep, tunnels, and temple. The plates she was served on depicted serpents, and she had heard any number of snake-related blessings since she had arrived, but she hadn’t expected to come face to face with a live one. She shivered. There had been ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
"...She learned about the social history of the empire, the Cult of the Goddess, the classification of snakes by their scale patterns, common cures, birdcalls, current fashions (which was a particularly odd juxtaposition coming from a habit-clad priestess), rice winemaking, and more. They spent hours on seemingly trivial information and then skimmed over ostensibly important facts. ..."
"... in earnest to express their joy. The snake, alone among all things that were the Goddess, did not rejoice. Its blood barely flowed. It sat stony-eyed and sulking. The Goddess, who is all things, asked the snake, was he not pleased that she had returned. “Oh yes,” he replied. “So ..."
"... might know this I will leave each year and return anew. You will see.” The snake quaked, and the Goddess who is all things saw this. Wishing to comfort him, she reached down and whispered softly to the snake. “You needn’t fear, my child who is me. I will give you a gift. You will ..."
"... am your Goddess, and I have returned to you.” “And so it is to the snake that we, the Sacerdotisa, look for knowledge and contact with the Goddess Kali. It must be to the snake you go to learn what it is that the Goddess wishes of you.” Chiyo listened intently. It wasn’t the first ..."
"...“The official doctrine says that the Goddess Kali, out of divine generosity, then sent the snake to the Sacerdotisa to guide them onto the proper path in life, and through the Sacerdotisa all of humanity would know of her love. For many generations this was, in part, true. The cult was powerful and was able to accomplish many things. Many people benefited, and I believe ..."
"...“To us, like the snake, the blessed Goddess Kali is all things. Her love for us is boundless, but no love is without pain, and we have caused her a great grievance. It is shameful, and it initially came to us through the snake’s love for her.” She paused and settled herself further into ..."
"... above all others. “What I didn’t yet know, as very few do, is that the snake hadn’t visited the Sacerdotisa for many generations. The frequent visions sent to the oracles had ceased long before that. The Sacerdotisa was nothing more than a shadow of its former self. “At the time there ..."
"...“People, on a whole, behave predictably. It’s relatively rare that anyone does anything wholly unexpected, and generally people tend to protect those who are important to them at the expense of others. Although not human, the snake was no different, and he loved the Goddess Kali above all else. He thought it right and proper for others to love her as well. ..."
"... no place for her, and she resigned herself to gladly watching from afar. “The snake saw the faith of humans faltering. He saw his beloved Goddess’s acceptance and willingness to let them go. It infuriated him. “The animals of the land, air, and sea love the Goddess that is themselves, ..."
"... forgotten. “Then, like now, humans had no means of sensing things to come. It would be a relatively easy matter for the snake to impress them with basic prophetic feats. Had the Goddess not given just such a gift? Perhaps, he told himself, this had been her plan all along. “His chest ..."
"...“His first challenge was, of course, to gather his apostles. He lay in wait and eventually a man; woman; and two children, a boy and a girl, came along. The snake approached them. Raising himself to his full height, he spoke. Humans had strayed far from their natural roots, and he expected general surprise at being reminded that other animals, too, could communicate. ..."
"...The mother, frumpy and expressive, appeared only surprised at his bold behavior. She attempted to calm her mate, feeling that there must be significance to the scene but not knowing what it was. The son stared absently at the antics of his parents. He was thinking how glorious the snake’s skin would look hanging from his belt. Surely his friends would be impressed. ..."
"...“It was only the daughter, a girl of about twelve by the name of Keme, who heard and understood the words spoken by the snake. She listened to what he said. She heard him speak of his love for his creator. She heard him praise her and promise rewards to those willing to share in that praise. To the surprise of her family, she picked up the snake from the ground. She was willing ..."
"...“The snake told her many things. He told her of storms to come, where she might lead her family for the best hunts, and who was plotting betrayal. Keme, in turn, told others of the things the snake told her. They were seemingly small matters, but it was only Keme who ..."
"...“The snake charged Keme and her early Sacerdotisa with ensuring that humanity never again sacrilegiously forgot the Goddess. They traveled far and wide, bringing wisdom and foresight with them. By all accounts they were successful. The knowledge of the Goddess, which had been waning, was revived and the Cult of the ..."
"... suppression. “Meanwhile the Goddess watched the growth of her new followers. They often called to her as the snake had taught them. She listened and loved them as she always had. She loved her children who were herself, but they were dying in her name, and it grieved her. “Her children ..."
"... complication. “When she could watch it no longer, she brought the snake to her. He was proud of his intercession. It pleased him to see the praise given to his Goddess. However, his Goddess wasn’t pleased with him. Her first words were devastating to him. “‘Snake, do you not ..."
"... forgotten you. Again they love you as they should, as they once did,’ he said. “Kali smiled at the snake, which he so desperately wanted. But her smile was sad. It held none of the warmth he loved so much. “‘Snake, my dear one, the humans are a small matter. You still love me. The ..."
"... “It was a rhetorical question. Kali could see that he didn’t. It grieved her that the snake saw the future events, but he saw nothing that had given him pause. What were the tears of a few future humans to his love for his Goddess? he had thought. Kali watched as he struggled with her words. ..."
"... words. “She had given him the power of foresight to ease the loss of her presence, but she couldn’t give him the understanding needed to empathize. She hated to see any of her creatures in pain, but she was going to have to cause the snake great pain to correct his selfishness. ..."
"... this will end here.’ “Her tone was cold. The snake shivered and shrunk back from his beloved Goddess. He clearly understood that she was displeased, but he didn’t see why. He would do anything to reverse her lifeless tone and again be her dearest snake. “Kali regrettably took back ..."
"... be her dearest snake. “Kali regrettably took back the snake’s ability to see the future. He had cherished the gift she had given him because he had seen himself as special, chosen, and above his peers. He had become arrogant, and as punishment it was taken away. “The Sacerdotisa ..."
"... “The Sacerdotisa received no more insight into the things to come. They performed their rituals and prayers to the snake, the representative of the Goddess Kali, but the oracles no longer had visions. The snake no longer visited, and prayers weren’t answered. The Goddess was silent. ..."
"...“So Kali came to me. She told me of the snake’s love for her and the painful choice she had made in punishing him. She told me he would once again visit her daughters, the Sacerdotisa, and we must do as instructed, no matter how distasteful. We must not make the snake’s mistake. She would send to us her Arm ..."
"... mistake. She would send to us her Arm to do her works on earth. “Through you we hope to set humanity back on the right course and redeem ourselves and the snake in the eyes of the Goddess so that she might return to us.” When Relda stopped, silence descended. Listening to the origins of ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"... as a support. He was like a shadow, always there to rise up from his own darkness and catch her. Dreams are the playing field of the faithful. In them snake lays the flesh of the Goddess bare. Chiyo lay a on a hard but not uncomfortable sedan. The excitement of the women around her made the ..."
"... that she had smiled while accepting the sacred rites.) The box seemed larger next to her. The lid was removed and inside it lay a small, surprisingly green snake. Chiyo sighed. Somehow its diminutive size made it easier to accept. She looked around at the six eager faces and said, ..."
"... on one day”).” She reached in. The serpent flicked its forked tongue at her and wrapped its dry body around her wrist. She always had been surprised by the dryness of snakes. They shone as if dewy, and she always had expected them to be wet. They laid her back and brought the vile ..."
"... no one was there. She was alone. She snaked her own arms around her tight flat waist and wailed. So alone! It was as if a part of her had been removed, like the earth without the Goddess who is it. She was abandoned, alone, and scared. Somewhere in the fog, just beyond her field ..."
"... keep her thoughts together. Then she started suddenly. Something smooth was touching her. It was wrapping itself around her ankle and then her leg. It felt like the little green asp that started all of this. But it wasn’t a snake. Looking down all Chiyo could see was silk in every ..."
"...The tattoo was impeccably crafted. Each individual scale was a piece of art. The overlapping scars of her recent injury gave it a three-dimensional quality lacking in others. The lifelikeness of the face was disconcerting, and it lined up perfectly with the bite mark of the real snake. In all likelihood, it too would scar. ..."
"... recognized as company. But I’m finished crying, she thought to herself. “You will be my guide, I suppose,” she said to the silent, lifelike, but not at all comforting snake on her right. Then she got dressed. The Sacerdotisa had left her another pretty, lightweight dress. Its fabric ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"...The story Kali had told her had made her cry further. She had fully appreciated the snake’s position, and it had grieved her to hear that her beloved Mother didn’t want the humans to know of her. It had felt as if this meant they were unloved. The idea of not knowing of her love had made it feel unreal. Why would she want to take ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
"...The white of Chiyo’s dress was splattered in a complex array of blood. It clung to her as if she had been in the rain and what part wasn’t clinging to her rustled like the scales of the snake might. She tugged at it, annoyed. Why am I still wearing this? she asked herself. She wanted to take it off. The green monster underneath the sleeve of her dress seemed to burn her, as if it was tightening ever so slowly in anticipation. Is this what it wants? ..."
"...made no effort to contain it. Let it roar, rip, and devour as much as it likes. Let it sate itself on this wolf in lamb’s fur. She smiled again. Legend would tell of that toothy gash in her face, so far from human, how like that of the snake totem she wore. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...approached the first step and stopped. Both pulled themselves to their full height and held their heads erect. They then lowered themselves onto their knees and took care to place both their hands carefully before them with the first fingers of each hand touching to form the perfect triangular snake’s head. They lowered their heads to the floor in a straight-backed formal bow. ..."
"...snakeher bent position, Valdis said, “We, the Sacerdotisa of the Goddess Kali, have long awaited your arrival, and I, Valdis, Maven of the Sisterhood of the snake, have waited a long time to meet you, the foretold Savior and Right Arm of the Goddess Kali. We have worshiped her, prayed ..."

Chapter 17: Epilogue
"...They were currently in a small chapel museum, displaying relics of a long defunct religion around a Goddess he had never heard of. It had been so far unimpressive, too many snakes for his taste, but his daughter thought that they might look cool on a T-shirt. He had seen chalices, molded patterns, a few woven items, and even fewer tattered, withering pieces of text. It was pretty standard faire. ..."
"...It was of a woman, the empress presumably. She was wearing a beautiful red and white kimono. Her arm had been removed from the right sleeve, letting it fall behind and exposing the crest of a small round breast. There was a snake coiled viciously around her waist and down her exposed arm, its tail cutting into the flesh itself. She was holding a sword in that same hand, as if she didn’t notice the slight beads of blood just starting to seep out from under the green scales. Two men knelt ..."

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