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What does 'bujutsu' mean?

Find out what bujutsu means. Bujutsu is explained by Sadie S Forsythe - author of The Weeping Empress


term for martial arts that refers more to technical proficiency than spiritual development

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
"...she had decided to call them. It seemed to fit. Certainly their weaponry was that of the East, or what she knew of it. Their blades were closer to katana than broadswords. They wore loose-fitting, silk clothing instead of leather or armor. They seemed to share the tenet of bujutsu that valued silence as an estimable quality. They certainly weren’t knights in shining armor, and Camelot wouldn’t have invited them to the table. ..."

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"Oh my God, I'm out of breath! I have literally just finished reading it and boy, am I pleased I..."

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