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Find out what sageo means. Sageo is explained by Sadie S Forsythe - author of The Weeping Empress


cord used for tying the saya to the belt

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
"...Chiyo experimented with different ways to carry her new weapon. She tried wedging it into her waistband as Senka and Muhjah did, but this put it uncomfortably inside her pants and in time it slipped out anyway. In the end she simply tied the cord, sageo (Muhjah had corrected her), around her waist and let the sword hang. It still wasn’t comfortable, tapping her leg with each step in an irritating manner, but it worked. She moved to the front of the line to look at how Senka wore his—low on the hips and tucked ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
"...wore covered her fingers. She couldn’t make sense of its presence, and she simply gaped at the beautifully embroidered complex patterns weaving in and out of themselves. The colors were deep, and the figures vivid. It was strikingly out of place in the warriors’ small camp. Senka removed his sageo, laying his katana gently aside, and used it as a tasuki—tieing her sleeves back. ..."

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