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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"...waited patiently. Finally Chiyo took a deep breath and held it in both hands, measuring the weight of it and feeling the hard spine beneath the silk. Untying the cord, she let the cloth fall away naturally. She watched the kashira (pommel), tsuka (handle), fuchi (collar), tsuba (guard), and saya (scabbard) slowly appear. Each was a treasure in itself, like watching a beautiful flower unfold and bloom from a tight bud. ..."
"...She stopped breathing and absorbed the intricate, deadly beauty of it. She felt the silk puddle in her lap and ran her hand lightly along the exposed saya. There was a slightly raised pattern to it. She closed her eyes and continued to let her fingers explore, the feel of it was grounding. There was a meditative quality to it, like rubbing prayer beads. ..."
"... She returned the sword to its saya and drew it again, just to feel the frictionless way it moved. It pleased her in an almost sensual way. Every fiber of her body was alive and responding. She was certain she had never held, or perhaps even beheld, something so beautiful. She told Guibniu so. ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
"... killers. She stopped, thumbing her blade loose in its saya. Filat sighed silently and stepped out behind her, cutting off her exit. She didn’t appear to have heard him, as she didn’t immediately respond. He could have easily killed her, and was a little disappointed. Neither man ..."
"...opportunity. Before she could move, he lunged forward and struck her at the base of the skull with the blunt end of his sword. She crumpled anticlimactically into his waiting arms. He slung her over his shoulder, handing her sword off to Havard, who pulled it effortlessly from its saya. ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
"...quite pleased with herself and she probably deserved to be. Chiyo reached for it and paused, uncertain. The memory of its uselessness to her in the face of her grief passed over her like a wave. She willed herself to suppress the shudder as her fingers grasped the cool-lacquered saya, but once in her grip again, it felt familiar and comforting. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter 16
"...She ripped Salvation from its saya with a savagery reserved for the battlefield and raised it high above her head so it shone in the afternoon sunlight. Her sleeve fell back revealing the body of the Goddess’s tattoo running the length of her arm. The sight of it sent another cheer racing through the crowd ..."

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