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Find out what tang means. Tang is explained by Sadie S Forsythe - author of The Weeping Empress


the part of the blade that extends into and usually through the grip that is fastened to it

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
"...Her foot was tangled in the stinking, nodular lengths of someone’s large intestines. She fell, coming face to face with the graying remains of their owner. She gasped, gagging on the smell. She tried to get up, slipped, and fell again onto the corpse. His eyes had been blue once, but now they ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"... “Seems you have a very nice one there at the door,” Guibniu pointed out. Senka nodded. “This one needs to be shorter, twenty-five inches, with a reduced tang, easily gripped by a woman’s small hand.” Guibniu raised an eyebrow at the unusual request. Senka didn’t explain. The ..."
"...Then the energy within her sprang to life suddenly, as if it had been stretched to its limits and released. She leapt forward. Risking her fingers, she recklessly grabbed the naked blade. On the tang, hidden from view until now and flowing from the very bonji she had so admired, were the names of her lost family. Why did I never ask what it meant? she wondered. Her knuckles were white from gripping hard, and the pain was unbearable. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
"... on me, surely an opportunity will present itself. Sleep finally found her, but relief continued to evade her. Her dreams were haunted by the same thoughts, and she tossed and turned until she was thoroughly tangled in her sheets. ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"...continued from Relda’s childhood into her adolescence. She had literally fallen off of her perch on a cool spring morning when a bright, cheerful voice had addressed her by name. The wild woman had let loose a full-bodied chortle and had come to look down at Relda, splayed and tangled in her skirts. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
"...Outside of the palace she sensed Senka’s eager anticipation, and she reveled mentally in the obliteration sure to come. It gripped her like a drug, the fix so close she could almost taste its metallic tang. She imagined it and played it out in her mind. Her pulse quickened as if the hand of a nimble lover had touched her. ..."

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"The Weeping Empress is a beautifully written and insightful piece of fiction that explores many different themes including that of..."

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