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Find out what tsuba means. Tsuba is explained by Sadie S Forsythe - author of The Weeping Empress


sword guard, protects the hand from sliding onto the blade

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"...them steady. Guibniu waited patiently. Finally Chiyo took a deep breath and held it in both hands, measuring the weight of it and feeling the hard spine beneath the silk. Untying the cord, she let the cloth fall away naturally. She watched the kashira (pommel), tsuka (handle), fuchi (collar), tsuba (guard), and saya (scabbard) slowly appear. Each was a treasure in itself, like watching a beautiful flower unfold and bloom from a tight bud. ..."
"...The tsuba moved Chiyo beyond words. It was a tapestry of mournful symbolism. The tall lonesome branches of a cypress grew from a bed of marigolds and dandelions, and one small butterfly with a broken wing was forever falling. On the fuchi a preying mantis stalked a cricket, oblivious to the ..."
"... producing drinkable tea. Chiyo watched as Senka removed his cleaning kit from the mysterious folds of his trousers. He carefully detached the mekugi, tsuka, tsuba, and seppa and began the ritual that was the care of his sword, which was an extension of his being. “There are times you must ..."

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