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sword handle

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
"...certain she could hold them steady. Guibniu waited patiently. Finally Chiyo took a deep breath and held it in both hands, measuring the weight of it and feeling the hard spine beneath the silk. Untying the cord, she let the cloth fall away naturally. She watched the kashira (pommel), tsuka (handle), fuchi (collar), tsuba (guard), and saya (scabbard) slowly appear. Each was a treasure in itself, like watching a beautiful flower unfold and bloom from a tight bud. ..."
"... producing drinkable tea. Chiyo watched as Senka removed his cleaning kit from the mysterious folds of his trousers. He carefully detached the mekugi, tsuka, tsuba, and seppa and began the ritual that was the care of his sword, which was an extension of his being. “There are times you must ..."
"...and watched as she settled herself to the task at hand. She ran her fingers along the bonji as if she might touch its namesakes by doing so. Its stark redness took on a new meaning as they finally died to her. Her hands shook as she replaced the tsuka, a burial of sort. Replacing the mekugi, a small finicky job, felt as if she was placing nails in their coffins. ..."

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