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Reviews and Testimonials for THE WIND CHIMES OF LIFE

"I am most intrigued by your method of tackling a subject following it with Life Lessons and then with the Spiritual End Zones. This is the kind of wisdom one can read and use as references to living for years and years.

I can’t really find words to express how pleased I am to add this to my collection of meaningful works to read, enjoy and ponder.

"The Wind Chimes of Life is great for all ages and stages of life. I must definitely say that it needs to be in the hands and continuous use for youth, teenagers, young adults (grade school and college students) facing the many daily challenges such as bullying, anger, rage, drugs/alcohol/ substance abuse, decision making, life choices, just getting along, and going through life.

The book is counsel, substance, devotion, and self-help that can help any reader with life.

"Congratulations on a job well done. I just finished reading The Wind Chimes of Life and really enjoyed this inspirational book. I plan to refer to it as a spiritual resource. I really liked the format, Life Lessons 101 and Spiritual End Zone, associated with each topic. I especially appreciated the numerous WABC footnotes.
To God Be The Glory!

"Debra, your book is a timely, well organized breath of fresh air. I was going through a valley and your anointed words from God's perspective really gave me the re-focus on the situation I was facing. Thanks so much for your friendship, sisterhood and continuance of "Just Being You", that's needed in the body of Christ! "

"Hey Debra, I already read your book. I loved it! The title is what grabbed me. I follow Feng Shui and Wind Chimes have alot to do with my space. I actually have a couple of wind chimes hanging in oak trees around my horses. They love the sounds, it keeps them in tune. No pun intended.
Keep writing Debra, your a joy!

"What an awesome way to bring the world to the Word! Only the Word of God can "check and balance" the condition of one's heart and emotions. God's inspired labor of love exemplified by the author has the ability to speak directly to the heart of life through prayers and expressive writings. It meets the reader right where they are and provides the answer to their situation, whether it's rejection, betrayal, slander, bullying, hopelessness, loneliness, death of loved ones, thoughts of suicide, marriage issues, etc.; but most importantly encourages a closer relationship with God!

This writer proves "there is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9); and then solidifies that truth with the Word of God in a very direct way! How pleased God must be with this witnessing tool!


"I am most intrigued by your method of tackling a subject following it with Life Lessons and then with the..."

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