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This is a preview to the chapter THE RUSHING WIND from the book THE WIND CHIMES OF LIFE by D A Mc Bride.
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YOU WILL NEVER “FIT IN” (because you stand out in a crowd)

You, in a crowd, are like a candle light that pierces through darkness glowing like a flashlight.
When you strive to fit in with the crowd, you challenge GOD’s call on your life.
You cannot be all that you are meant to be when blending in a crowd. GOD has set you apart, but has not left you alone.

When determined to fit in: you dim your light and existence, your purpose and destiny; and you are not free to be who GOD has called you to be or do what He wants you to do: give glory, honor, praise and devotion to only Him.

Yes, you are different; GOD made you that way! Your DNA is a proven fact; there is no one else like you. You are a walking miracle, a one-of-a-kind work of human art created and designed by GOD. So, why imitate others, dummy up and shut up to be accepted, and play along to get along?

“Count it all joy” when your haters do not speak to you, use your kindness against you, exclude you to gossip about you, say you are when you are not, or do not choose you to be a part of their infamous inner circle of dissension. Their scorn sets you up for more blessings because you become more readily available for GOD’s use; free from mediocrity, no longer a hostage of the world. That is a good thing!

The haters’ role is to remind you that you are not one of them. Actually, they are doing their job because GOD has allowed them to be your nemesis. He can use anybody to fulfill His purpose for His plan. So now you must do your part because you are set apart for a divine purpose.

By the way, thank GOD that you are not the hater! By His choosing you are the one that stands out in a crowd for His glory and purpose just as He planned. You are in GOD’s divine inner circle of influence to receive and share His blessings and promise of eternal life!
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