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Have you had your daily dose of temptation today? Will you stop or yield at its exposure and assault? Is the enemy hot on your trail, meeting and re-meeting you again at every turn?
Do not use your cleverness, instead rely on faith and pray to say “yes” to GOD and “no” to Satan. Temptation is a war inside and out, one much too big and difficult to fight with
mere human effort. It is meant to be a battle but it is not meant to be fought by you — it is GOD’s battle.

The world is like a jungle and temptation keeps you fighting its roaring lions, tigers, bears, and taunting Goliaths every day and night. You cannot outlive temptation, and it never sleeps any hour of the day or day of the year. Its strategy is almost failsafe, for before the tempting begins, it waits for you to become vulnerable enough to F.A.I.L. with Frustration, Anger, Indecision, or Loneliness. F.A.I.L. is a set up and is not a respecter of person or social status; everyone is
tested and oftentimes will fall short during the trial. When feelings of F.A.I.L. start to haunt you, the “full armor of GOD” is what you will need. The Word of GOD can reinforce your faith in prayer to give you the spiritual covering advantage for surviving temptations’ test with an Amen and
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