A Journey, the Journal, the Life Lessons 101
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Some Folks want you to have only an ordinary life: colorless and routine, dead end, hopeless, uneventful, and boring; in order to make themselves look better. Some Folks will
let you give up your dreams and aspirations so that they can shine instead. Some Folks will try to keep you in a box, wrapped up in discouragement, doubt and intimidation so as to down play their lack of accomplishment and hide their insecurities.

GOD loves to bless and elevate His children in front of Some Folks. When you have Him in your life, you have an extraordinary life which becomes a rich, vibrant, full, and colorful adventure. It is a gift from Almighty GOD, the only One that can change ordinary to extraordinary anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. He delights in giving the extraordinary to the ordinary, and with Him everything is always above and beyond human expectation or rationalization.

So, child of the King, take extra measures to receive and give extraordinarily as your only modus operandi! Since you are not ordinary do not accept ordinary, entertain ordinary, give ordinary, dream ordinary, think ordinary, love ordinary, or forgive ordinary, and do not have an ordinary heart for GOD or His people. You are not of this world, however Some Folks still are!

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