Three and Out
Murder in a San Antonio Psych Hospital

How could a paient be viciously murdered in the dayroom of a closely monitored psych hospital?


All mental health hospitals are not created equal. Privately owned facilities have more control over hiring/firing of staff personnel. If a person is so completely driven to enter a psych hospital with the intent to murder a patient not much can be done to prevent it..getting away with it is another story!

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14
"... Marie responded. “With the help of your local FBI office, we learned that there might be an al-Qaeda for United Liberty cell being formed somewhere in your city. Al-Jazeera recently posted some interesting and threatening information on their web site. They inferred that the so-called Cradle of Texas Liberty could disappear overnight. We think they were referring to the Alamo but other historic monuments and well-known sites ..."

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"A Few Excerpts of Reviews on Three and Out: Running a Mental Health Hospital in San Antonio by John..."

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