Through Angels Eyes
A survival story from the civil rights movement's most explosive time and place: Birmingham, 1963.

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About Through Angels Eyes

Alabama, 1963 – a world is about to explode …

Angel Dunbar’s life is about to be engulfed by the flames.

She’ll be humiliated, spat upon, beaten and left for dead.

And she’ll fall in love – with a dangerous twist.

Want to know what really happened when Birmingham exploded?

Then you’ve just got to live it … Through Angel’s Eyes.

50 years ago the scourge of racism was stifling the development of millions of children in America. In 1963, a core group of these courageous young people stood up and said, “Enough!” The story of these child marchers imparts vital lessons that the 21st century child desperately needs to learn from - courage, resistance to peer pressure, empathy, non-violence and conviction.

Through Angel’s Eyes brings the story of the 1963 Alabama child marches to life through the eyes of Angel Dunbar - and in Angel we finally have a role model for our times!

New Zealand Readers

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About the Author,

Steve Theunissen is a 47 year old middle school teacher who lives in Tauranga, New Zealand. Steve’s first passion was the fitness industry. At age 19 he owned and operated his own gymnasium in the tourist town of Rotorua. He went on to become the first personal fitness trainer in New Zealand. In the mid-1990’s Steve combined his passion for fitness with his love of writing as he forged a career as a freelance fitness writer. From there he branched out to produce books about his next great passion – U.S. history. Steve has written extensively about the American Indian Wars in general and the Battle of the Little Big Horn in particular.

Steve has been teaching at Tauranga Intermediate since 2007. During that time he has introduced an innovative Fitness Boot Camp program to the school and continues to inspire a love of writing in his students.

Through Angel’s Eyes, Steve’s first novel, draws upon his life-long study of the Civil Rights movement and
the inspiration that he has received from Martin Luther King and from the Birmingham, Alabama child marchers.
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