Through Angels Eyes
A survival story from the civil rights movement's most explosive time and place: Birmingham, 1963.

Who was Mahatma Gandhi?


Mahatma Gandhi was the popular title given to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who became the leader of the Indian independence movement in British ruled India. Gandhi utilized non-violent resistance as an effective method of civil disobedience. His example and methods inspired many future civil rights campaigners, most notably Martin Luther King, Jr who adopted Gandhi’s methods in his struggle to bring an end to discrimination against the Black people of America’s South.

Gandhi lived modestly in a self-sufficient community which eschewed Western products. he wore the traditional Indian dothi and shawl, which had been woven that he had himself spun. A vegetarian, he used fasting as a means of resistance.

After Britain quit India in 1947, Gandhi became frustrated at the growing tensions between Hindus and Muslims. He tried to stop the tensions which were threatening to tear the new nation apart. On January 30, 1948 he was assassinated by a Hindu nationalist who thought he was becoming too sympathetic towards the country’s Muslims.

Mahatma Gandhi features in ‘Through Angel’s Eyes’, the first person account of a 13 year old Black girl as she experiences the pivotal events of the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama civil rights campaign.

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"... resistance could bring this country to its knees, just like it did in India." There he went again, with all those funny ideas. I looked over at the book on Jimmy's bedside table: A Life of M. K. Gandhi. "Jimmy," I said, "those books are makin' you crazy!" * * * My daddy really ..."

"...It was Thursday evenin' an' I was lyin' on my bed, thumbin' through Jimmy's book 'bout Mahatma Gandhi. My arm was still in the brace those two girls'd made for me when we was locked up in that school gym. So, I held the book up with jus' my good hand. I had a feelin' like I really should be readin' this book, but it was so ..."

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Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

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