What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

About What about your saucepans

Lindsay de Feliz walked away from an enviable lifestyle – marriage, successful career, expensive holidays, designer clothes, fast cars – to pursue her dream of being a scuba diving instructor. She could not have predicted the journey ahead when she arrived in the heat, sunshine and vibrant culture of the Dominican Republic.

She found love, a ready-made family and – despite being shot in a bungled robbery – a desire to help the Dominican people, many living in abject poverty. She supported her husband as he ran for political office and with Lindsay by his side they were a formidable team.

As the campaign gathered momentum, they learnt the hard way what happens when you oppose those in power. Fighting corruption, double-dealing and with their lives at risk, they were forced into hiding.

Their incredible story is stranger than fiction and twice as menacing. The dark underbelly of the Dominican Republic is exposed, from the tourist beaches to the soaring mountains of the interior. Lindsay tells it how it is, but in the telling her deep love for the Dominican Republic, its culture and its people shines through.

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About the Author,

Lindsay de Feliz was born, raised and educated in the UK, gaining a degree in French and German at Wolverhampton University, and an MBA at Bradford University. Following a successful career in marketing she decided to leave it all behind and follow her dreams. Walking away from an executive lifestyle, a stable marriage and the life she had always known was the toughest decision she ever made.

Arriving in the Dominican Republic as a scuba diving instructor, embracing a new life, culture, climate and language, little did she know how much impact this Caribbean island would have on her life as its people and culture drew her in. She met and married a Dominican, becoming a stepmother to three young boys and, as she fell in love with the country and its people, became increasingly aware of the political corruption and incredible poverty endured by the majority of the population. Shot during a burglary in her own home, when she almost lost her life, changed her outlook overnight. She and her husband determined to try and make a difference to the lives of the Dominican people around them.

Running for political office, Lindsay’s husband sought to improve the lives of those in his community struggling against poverty, hunger and lack of education, often living in basic housing with little sanitation or electricity. With Lindsay by his side they were a formidable team. As his popularity grew and the campaign gathered momentum, they learned the hard way what happens to those who don’t play by the rules of those in power. They could never have imagined where the journey would take them as they fought corruption and double-dealing.

Lindsay currently lives in the middle of nowhere in the Dominican Republic with her family, four dogs and seven cats. She works as a blogger, writer, researcher and marketing adviser.


"I just loved this book! Lindsay knows a lot about the Dominican Republic and includes facts about the country you..."

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