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Alberto in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"... at them and led me through into one of the bedrooms. “My boys here,” he whispered. The three boys, Dany eleven, Alberto nine and Christian six, were all asleep in a single bed. Dany and Alberto at one end, Christian at the other. “But Danilo they are so cute,” I exclaimed, with a ..."
"... proudly. “But where is their mother?” I asked. “The mother of Dany and Alberto she leave them when Alberto three week old. She has another man. Then they live with my mother in capital, but my mother she die, so they live with me.” “So… where did you live in the capital. I ..."
"... ”What on earth makes you say that?” “Because it hatping before, with number two wife, Diomaris. She like her child Christian more than Dany and Alberto, so she hit them sometime. Sometime she hit them hard. I no want person hit them hard.” “Well, I don’t hit children,” I said, ..."
"... you see.” I walked over to the children, “Do you want to watch television?” Three little faces looked up at me. They looked at each other and Alberto whispered, “Si.” I turned the television onto one of the children’s programmes and they sat there staring at it. After a few ..."
"...smiling, and led him over to the fridge. “Here is water, Coca Cola, juice. If you want something just take it. The glasses are in the cupboard up here.” He stood staring at me blankly, so I poured him some water and was about to do the same for Alberto and Christian, but Alberto came over and pointed to the Coca Cola. I poured him a glass and one for Christian and they scuttled back to the sofa, watching me warily as I began to cook dinner. ..."
"... me. “Pasta?” queried Dany. “Yes, pasta,” I said. “You know, espaghetti.” “Oh, espaghetti!” they laughed, and Alberto went into the bathroom and came out holding a tube of toothpaste. “Eso es pasta,” he announced. The word for toothpaste was pasta de dientes, shortened ..."
"...their father asked them to, such as clean the house or wash the dishes. They would never dream of arguing or answering back to either him or me. Dany was a bit jealous of me at first, but he managed to get over that after a couple of years. Alberto had a very sunny and helpful disposition and would always help me with the cooking. Christian hardly spoke at all though, and I thought it was possible he had some sort of mental retardation. When it was just he and I together he was very chatty. ..."
"...to take Christian to Spain and he left for a new life there with her and her Spanish husband. There was nothing either of us could do about it, and we knew he would have more opportunities and better schooling in Spain, so we accepted the situation. Dany and Alberto did not seem too upset about their younger brother leaving, although Danilo and I missed him dreadfully at first. ..."
"...Dany and Alberto, like their father, always wanted to help me and do things to make me happy. They were never happier than when I would take them to the shops so they could help with the shopping, or when I read them a bedtime story. I introduced them to Winnie the ..."
"...gone within hours. It was not that the kids ate it all − they simply gave it away. Dominicans will share everything, and I would find not only were they ‘sharing’ food, they also shared sheets, towels and whatever else they could get their hands on. It was usually Alberto who did this and in my mind it was stealing, but to him it was normal to help out his friends as he always had, and he saw everything in the house as belonging to all of us. I would see motoconcho drivers wearing my T-shirts, and it was ..."
"... a Coca Cola and the bottle I had bought the day before at the supermarket in San Pedro would be gone. “Where is my bloody Coca Cola?” I would scream. “Alberto, have you drunk it?” ”No fui yo,” he would answer – “It wasn’t me.” “Yo no se,” Dany would pipe up − “I ..."
"...I also discovered a Dominican trait was to do things the easy way, or not finish a job properly. When it was Alberto’s turn to wash the dishes he displayed this to perfection. If something were difficult to wash he would not bother with it but instead hide it, or throw it away. We were always finding dirty pots and pans in the oven, the fridge or freezer, or stuck in the ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"... mouths all around, and then when it was time for us to go and board, the kids struggled to hold back tears. “Papi, you come back,” stammered Alberto, his bottom lip quivering. “Of course we’re coming back,” laughed Danilo, “and we will bring you lots of presents too.” It seems ..."

"... and the smoke will take your list to the North Pole.” “He has camels,” explained Dany to Alberto. “He has a lorry which is pulled by camels.” Seeing as I had no idea of the Spanish word for reindeer, we stuck with camels. “I want peanut butter,” piped up Alberto. “I want a ..."
"... has a lorry which is pulled by camels.” Seeing as I had no idea of the Spanish word for reindeer, we stuck with camels. “I want peanut butter,” piped up Alberto. “I want a poloshe (T-shirt)” said Dany. “Me too, I want a poloshe,” yelled Alberto, and they ran off to get paper ..."
"...“Me too, I want a poloshe,” yelled Alberto, and they ran off to get paper and pencils to make their lists. Dany wanted jeans, a T-shirt and a pencil. Alberto wanted jeans, a T-shirt and a jar of peanut butter. They had never had toys and did not think of them. They really believed, well I thought ..."
"... there was a note to Santa Claus. “Dear Santa Claus. We thought you might smoke Marlboro light and drink Brugal (local rum). Love from Dany and Alberto.” There was a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of rum. It looked like they had sussed out Santa Claus. It was a great Christmas. The kids ..."

"...bought the land adjacent to ours with the idea of building a new house for us, which would better meet our requirements than the house we were in, and also a small two bedroomed house for the children. They were typical messy teenage boys, Dany was seventeen now and Alberto fifteen, and I thought if they had their own little house maybe they would look after it. They were outgrowing the watchyman house, and we were thinking of having a live-in gardener so we would need the watchyman house anyway. ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...no skin on half of his face, his jeans and T-shirt were ripped and swathes of skin were missing with what looked like half the road embedded in his stomach. His knees were red raw and bleeding and there was blood coming out of the side of his head. Alberto was a little better as he had on two pairs of jeans. He thought his legs looked too thin so he always wore two pairs. He too had skin missing from his face, both of his arms and his stomach. He burst into tears when he saw me. ..."
"...Having seen they were alright, we discovered they had ‘borrowed’ Danilo’s pride and joy, a yellow 1000 cc Ninja motorbike to go to a party in San Pedro. Dany had drunk rum for the first time in his life and driven back at 220 kilometres an hour, with Alberto on the back of the bike screaming at him to stop, begging him to slow down. When they came to the flyover over the motorway, faced with a sharp curve, Alberto, realising they would crash, had thrown himself off and gone skidding and sliding down the road. Dany was ..."
"...The blessing went ahead as planned. It wasn’t a massive affair, there were only forty family and friends, and the reception was not in a hotel, but back at Mum’s house. Dany gave me away and Alberto was Danilo’s best man. It was a strange mixture of emotions. I was sad as neither my father nor grandmother were there. Dad would have been so proud seeing Danilo in his Air Force uniform, and my grandmother had only been dead for a day. I somehow felt I ..."
"...We decided we had to do something about the boys. The guesthouse was a tip and they often had their friends over. They were skipping school and not focusing on studying and as Dany was eighteen and Alberto sixteen, they needed to be qualified to do something. Dany was becoming lazy and arrogant and would answer me back. He was nowhere near as helpful as Alberto. But Alberto continued to ‘borrow’ things from our house. Danilo felt Dany needed more discipline and enrolled him in the Air ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...as loud as I could, “He isn’t here. He isn’t at home.” They stood in a huddle talking and then most of them drove off but two stayed outside the gate. There was no one in the house but me. Oui Oui was in the colmado, and Dany and Alberto, who were home for the weekend, were nowhere to be seen. Strangely, there were no dwendies and no visitors. I was to find out later there were police stationed at each end of the street stopping everyone from coming near the house. ..."

"...The children continued to invite their friends into the guesthouse. They had moved back home about six months earlier to help with Danilo’s campaign. Dany had failed his exams at the Air Force Academy and been asked to leave, and Alberto was not going to make it as a baseball player as he was too thin. Obviously they both thought Danilo would win the election, and they would not have to worry about jobs, but now they needed to do something. ..."
"...not have enough money to feed and support them, and could not afford for anything else to go missing. I would buy milk, which would disappear out of the fridge. Also Dany was back to being his usual arrogant self and in the end Danilo asked them to leave. Alberto went and stayed at a friend’s but would come round every day to help me with the cooking. Dany moved in with his girlfriend. We were later to discover not only was he living with his girlfriend, but he also had a six-month-old daughter. So much for my sex ..."
"... a five-hour drive. I sat anxiously waiting, but before he arrived I had a phone call from Ezequiel, number two dwendy. “Lindsay, Alberto has been arrested. Tell Danilo.” “Shit. What for? Where is he being held?’ I asked. “I don’t know. No one knows where he is,” he ..."
"...I called Danilo who was only thirty minutes away from me by then. He arrived, but only stayed two minutes. Nobody could find Alberto. We had people looking in all the jails but there was no sign of him. We were terrified the police might have killed him. Danilo drove straight back to Juan Dolio and eventually located him, but again Alberto had to spend a couple of days in jail. It became ..."

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