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Angelita in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"...One morning during breakfast Danilo said, “Lindsay you no need clean, have Angelita clean. Is only 5,000 pesos every month.” He was right, it was about £100 a month and would make my life much easier. Angelita was a seriously large lady in her mid twenties who lived opposite us in a little wooden shack. Although she was born to Haitian parents, ..."
"...into a bucket. Local disinfectant (mistolin), which has a very strong smell, is added to water. One gallon would last six months in England, but in the DR it lasts a week as so much is used. This is done every day, whether the floor is dirty or not. Angelita would clean the bathrooms and do the laundry in our twin tub, which was plastic and lived outside. She would use too much washing powder and insist on putting chloro (bleach) in with the clothes with the result they all changed colour and rotted quickly. ..."
"...However, things started to go missing. Bottles of Coca-Cola, knickers, T-shirts, shoes, a frozen chicken, plates, sheets, cups, glasses. The final straw was when I came home one day and my sofa had gone. Angelita had to go. She was quite blasé about going as I had to pay her a couple of months salary as redundancy pay, known as liquidacion ..."
"...By now I was so used to things disappearing, the fury I previously felt when things went missing had diminished, although not completely disappeared. I had other sofas, and she had none – I was learning to share. Angelita continued to live in her hut opposite us and gradually her one hut became forty huts, each with a family. When we moved into our house there were maybe fifty Haitians living in huts close to us, and this increased rapidly over the years to several hundred, especially after ..."
"...For the Christmas Eve feast, Danilo invited the dwendies and their families, and many of the poor people who lived locally. There were over a hundred people in the garden. Araña was drunk and kept falling asleep in his food, Angelita had a plastic bag on her lap and shovelled food and knives and forks and glasses into it, and there was a queue of people at the gate asking for food for themselves and their families. When everyone had left, the kids hung up their stockings and left out ..."
"...new clothes on Christmas Day, so I served the English Christmas lunch tottering around on high heels dressed like a hooker. They were speechless at the turkey, never having seen one before, and although I was hoping to make turkey soup afterwards, I went into the kitchen to find Angelita and one of the dwendy’s wives fighting over the turkey carcass, with a tug of war between them. In the end I cut it up and gave them half each. ..."

"...Juander carried me out into the dusty street, where a large crowd of Haitians had gathered after hearing the gunshots and the dogs going wild. Angelita was among them and managed to take my handbag. Everyone was screaming and yelling, “Lindsay dead! Lindsay dead!” The noise was deafening. In the end they put me in my jeep, in the passenger seat, and six or seven people squeezed in the back. Juander sat in the driver’s ..."
"...“No way!” yelled Billy. “We can’t leave her! We must do something. We need a car!” He ran out into the street, desperately looking for a car to flag down. Meanwhile, Angelita decided to become the town crier and went down to Freedom Bar on the same bike, which had taken me to the clinic. She ran into the middle of the packed bar screaming, “Lindsay is dead!” ..."
"...together with a posse of police and DNI officers, army and air force, they came charging back from La Romana to San Pedro. On the way he listened to his messages with most telling him I was dead. He decided to call me to see if it was true. Angelita took the call as she had my handbag with my phone in it. (The bag and the phone made it back to me, but the money inside never did.) She told him I had been taken to San Pedro and he arrived at the hospital running in to see ..."

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