What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

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"This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who enjoys travel, adventure, or just a fabulously juicy story. The author, Lindsay de Feliz, recounts her experience of giving up her first-class London lifestyle to pursue adventure and happiness in the Dominican Republic - with many bumps along the way. Lindsay's journey from riches to poverty is, at times, both nail-biting and hilarious, and is told with such ease and honesty that you feel as if you've always known her. Whether looking for adventure in a foreign land, romance, suspense, or a thriller, this book has it all, and captivates the reader's interest from beginning to end. In short, Lindsay's story is an exhilarating and inspiring journey not to be missed!"

"Once you start reading you can't put this book down a truly amazing woman...if you only buy one book this is the one to get."

"If anyone wants to understand how the political systems works here in the DR they really have to read this book. It is a real eye-opener.

It is definitely a book well worth reading.

"I have been visiting the DR for almost 10 years and I thought I knew a lot about the "real" DR. But after finishing this book, I realize how much I didn't know - and I will probably never know. The depth of the Dominican culture as expressed in the pages of the book and the real experiences Lindsey has shared within. This is a must read for anyone who loves the DR and desires to know more. It is more gritty than pretty, and draws you in to life in the DR as you might never have expected."


"Just when you think you know and understand the DR, you read a book like this and realise you know very little. This book will make you laugh and cry to the last page. And then you'll want more."

"Through this book alone, there will be a new understanding and appreciation to live your life to the fullest."

"At times, readers will shake their heads at the frustrations and laugh at some of the absurd situations and statements the author recounts. But more than anything they will marvel at Lindsay’s remarkable resilience and positive spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

"There is a saying that goes: "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone" and for Lindsay de Feliz this more than accurately reflects her 10 years in the Dominican Republic. Not that I suspect she thought it would when she chucked in the trappings of a successful 'normal' life for a sampling of Caribbean idyll. She just knew that something was missing in her life in England.

Be careful what you wish for. She found a joy that vindicated her life choice, but it came with much more than anyone (including herself) could have imagined. Dramas which would have sent most people scurrying back to safety landed heavily on her piece of paradise. 'What About Your Saucepans' is about how she got there and coped with what happened after she did.

It works because of the way she tells it. Seemingly bizarre situations recalled without any hysterics, laced with doses of humour melded with a growing understanding and love of all the things (good and bad) that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

A non-fiction book that reads like fiction. But then isn't truth stranger than fiction?

"It's in a class by itself, this is no tour guide and no 'how to do DR' book. It is a non-fiction account of the events in her life over the past decade. I was unable to put it down and go to bed"

"Lindsay tells her story with truth, compassion and humor and you will find yourself walking with her side by side. "

"Lindsay de Feliz has done a fantastic job of capturing what life is truly like for those of us who don't have the privilege to claim Dominican heritage. Even though the Dominican Republic has its problems (face it, which country doesn't?) she has captured the warmth, humor, and quirkiness of a people who will always greet you with a smile and make sure you're well taken care of. I can't wait for the next installment, Lindsay! Your writing takes me back to the country I've fallen in love with when I'm geographically miles away."

" this story is every bit as exciting as the crime thrillers I usually read with a love story thrown in for good measure, and with the added advantage of knowing that this is not a novel but a true account of the author's life so far.This story will appeal to anyone and everyone. It's exciting, scary, funny, touching and leaves you waiting for the sequel!"

"This book is a really great eye opener about the real life in Dominican Republic. You hold onto your every breath following this amazing story of a strong woman and what she did for love. This book is a must read for everyone! I hope there is part 2!"

"I LOVED this book! What an insight into life in a Dominican village. So many of us expats who live in the DR never get to experience real Dominican life. Certainly an eye opener! And a bloody funny read to boot! Thoroughly recommend this book!"

"This is an expat biography with a difference. Accustomed to reading navel-gazing tales of expat depression and home-sickness often found in this genre, I loved Lindsay's book from the second I started reading it. Not only does it have a fabulously quirky title (which makes perfect sense when you know why), but Lindsay's story reads like a movie. A tale of love, attempted murder and political corruption set against a tropical backdrop, Lindsay's life in the Dominican Republic has been eventful to say the least but she writes about even the most traumatic instances with witty aplomb, and not an ounce of self pity.

What About Your Saucepans isn't just a biography; it's packed full of useful and interesting information about the country, it's people and culture that would benefit anyone considering moving to the DR.

"Buy this book. It's a great love story."

"A story rich in detail, humor and insider information on the quirky, but delightful Dominican culture and its people. This book is a must have for anyone interested in visiting or relocating to the DR or anyone who enjoys a good read!"

"I would strongly recommend that you not start this book unless you have the time to read it from front to back in a sitting! Seriously, once I started, I had trouble putting it down. It is a fascinating story of life in the Dominican Republic. "

"So I read the book What About Your Saucepans by Lindsay De Feliz. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the book! I don't think I was even through the 2nd chapter before I was messaging a friend about it! Not only could I relate to some of the things that she wrote about in the book (quite a few "ahaaaa" moments), I found myself completely wrapped up (many, many "wow" moments) in her life story. I read AT work, AFTER work, if I woke up in the middle of the night...I haven't been so "captured" in a long time! . I'm making my sister read it (tonight) and recommending it to friends. It was an awesome read. Lindsay De Feliz, I am truly glad that I went to your preview site. I applaude you (& your family) and wish you nothing but the best."

"I just loved this book! Lindsay knows a lot about the Dominican Republic and includes facts about the country you may not know while providing a really good story. It was a book you won't put down until you have turned the last page and then you will be waiting for the next one to come out. Her story is one of heroism, struggles, romance and violence. It really is a must read for anyone who has ties to the country or is visiting on holiday. It would make a great beach read for sure!

I was hooked the moment I started reading. I honestly couldn't put it down and was so shocked, amazed and in awe throughout the entire book. What Lindsay has gone through is just unreal, I don't even know how else to say it. Unreal. I laughed, cried and was in shock actually at some of the things they went through. I have never met her or her husband yet I feel such a strong sense of pride for all they have been through and how they stayed true to who they were and became even better people because of it. Lindsay has such a great writing style that keeps you turning the pages and even when you put the book down, wanting to know more. Everyone married to a Dominicano should read this book. I learned so much about the country that I didn't know and will now get copies of the book to give to family. It will help them see and understand my husband even more as well. Great book Lindsay de Feliz!

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