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Chi Chi in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

Chi Chi

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Chapter 3: Family life
"...its own garden and an aged, gay Italian called Oscar living upstairs. He lived in Florida but used the house for holidays. Downstairs was a two bedroomed flat, much bigger than the apartment, and a large garden for Can Can. In the garden was a small house occupied by Chi Chi the security man or watchyman as it is called. Chi Chi was a nice man, short with enormous ears. He was a good handyman and knew everything about everything, from plumbing to electrics, to world politics, geography and even medicine. He would speak convincingly and you would believe him, ..."
"...“Right here,” he said pointing to under his left armpit. He was full of little gems like this. Like most Dominicans he was always known by his nickname, Chi Chi, ‘little boy’. He had been brought up in the campo, ‘village’, usually very remote. His mother had died shortly after he was born; he was her fourth child and she was only fourteen years old. Whilst I often found it hard to comprehend the behaviour of the Dominicans I ..."
"... will my mouth go round to under my ears?” “What?” I asked incredulously. Chi Chi told me when you fly, it so fast all skin on your faces stretches and your mouth moves round to be under your ears.” “No, no, that won’t happen,” I reassured him through helpless giggles. The ..."
"...The remainder of the holiday was spent with my parents in the country, which he loved. It was cold and he could not get over ‘white smoke’ coming out of his mouth when he breathed out. He insisted on wearing three pairs of underpants each day, as Chi Chi had told him the cold would make his penis shrink. And he was astonished by the size of the carthorses, that horses wore coats and pigs had little houses. There were ducks on the duck pond, which he went to feed every day. He loved the supermarkets and spent ..."
"...Chi Chi found the house, owned by another Italian, Fosco, who had decided to return to Italy with his wife, as he was suffering with ill health. It was situated in the woods only a few minutes behind the main beach road. Danilo took me to see it on the pasola. ..."

"...hand in buckets and hauled up to the roof by means of a man on the roof with a rope. It has to be done quickly, and there were twenty Haitians or so working, far more than the usual three or four, under the supervision of the maestro (foreman), Chi Chi, he of the large ears, and a few gallons of rum. For some reason the putting on of the plata always involves rum. Although it is hard work in the hot sun, as it was a Saturday the men would only be working till noon. ..."
"... drove to Dr Galvas’ clinic. At the same time, Chi Chi, the maestro, had been woken up at his house by someone yelling I was dead, and while running to my house was picked up by a Haitian in a jeep, and together they raced to the clinic. Billy saw them arriving. “Thank goodness, quickly they ..."
"... Billy saw them arriving. “Thank goodness, quickly they won’t help her here! We need to go to San Pedro. Now!” Chi Chi bundled me into the jeep and he, Billy, Juander and I set off for San Pedro de Macoris, closely followed by Margaret and Terry in their car. The drive to San Pedro was ..."
"...The drive to San Pedro was chaotic. The Haitian driver was terrified and nearly had several accidents. I lay across Billy and Chi Chi in the back seat. By now I couldn't feel or see anything, but I could hear Billy. He spoke to me in near perfect English. “Please don't die, Lindsay, don't die! Hold on, we’re nearly there. Don't die. Don't die. Just a few minutes more. Hold on.” ..."
"...Luckily, to save driving to every hospital in San Pedro to try and find one which did have the right equipment, Chi Chi had the presence of mind to ask him to telephone and see which hospital could help. Finally they found one. Meanwhile the doctor had called the police and when we arrived at the second clinic there was a reception committee of a colonel, two captains and a host of ..."
"...they were thought to be involved. I was carried inside and laid on a trolley, where the police came over to look at me and seemed most upset I had no jewellery. The doctors were waiting, but before they would do anything they asked who was going to pay. Chi Chi told them I was rich and that I, or my husband, would pay and not to worry about the money. ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"... it wasn’t your time,” she replied, taking a sip from her mug. Chi Chi said it was because I’d had a glass of rum and my blood was warm,” I said giggling. “And others say I’m being saved to do something special.” “That sounds nice,” replied Mum. “Yes, I just wish I knew ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...A couple of people came over – Chi Chi, Danilo’s half-brother Antonio, who had recently moved to Juan Dolio to help with the campaign, and the boys finally returned home. I found out more people had been detained at the same time as Danilo. Four of the dwendies were in jail in Juan Dolio, and two of them ..."
"... brother had sent some money for the campaign, and I used this to pay him. Saturday passed in the same way as Friday. A little group sat on the patio talking including Chi Chi, Antonio, Dana, and Prieta, Compres’ wife. “Lindsay, you have to go to the capital and see Danilo. You have to take ..."

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