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Fridge in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"...Fridgellowing day Danilo arrived home on the pasola with the three boys perched behind him. Dressed identically in yellow T-shirts and blue shorts, with Spiderman knapsacks on their backs, stuffed with all their worldly goods, and toothbrushes in hand, they came cautiously into the apartment. Danilo directed them into the ..."
"...Fridgecourse,” I said smiling, and led him over to the Fridge. “Here is water, Coca Cola, juice. If you want something just take it. The glasses are in the cupboard up here.” He stood staring at me blankly, so I poured him some water and was about to do the ..."
"...Fridge astonishing how far apart our worlds were. Danilo had no idea about DIY. He could hardly change a plug as he had been brought up without electricity. He’d never used a Fridge, coffee machine, liquidiser, or a can opener. Even after I showed him how to use one he ..."
"...Fridgecan culture continued to dominate and frustrate my life. If I shopped for a week and filled the Fridge, everything would be gone within hours. It was not that the kids ate it all − they simply gave it away. Dominicans will share everything, and I would find not only ..."
"...Fridgephrases became the bane of my life and although pretty calm over most things, the disappearing food and other items would send me crazy. I would rant and rave every time I went to the Fridge to look for something and it had disappeared. I had no idea if this ..."
"...Fridge discovered a Dominican trait was to do things the easy way, or not finish a job properly. When it was Alberto’s turn to wash the dishes he displayed this to perfection. If something were difficult to wash he would not bother with it but instead hide it, or throw ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"...Fridgeided to buy a colmado, a little convenience store, as Danilo’s logic was everyone needs food. He wanted to work and be the breadwinner, but the basic wage, at $200 US a month, would not go far towards contributing. He felt the only way to contribute more was to own ..."
"...Fridgeg was in boxes. The pickup was piled high with everything from the house. My clothes were mixed with the contents of the Fridge. Tops had not been screwed on bottles and everything was covered with ketchup and mayonnaise, belts wrapped round salami, rice in knickers. It was a mess. ..."

"...Fridgempraventa, or pawnshop, is also an important part of life, and people will pawn anything from jewellery to Fridges, stereos, liquidisers. Again the interest rates are high although not as high as a prestamista. Usually items are held for four months, and if you cannot pay to redeem your item ..."

"...Fridgeperience marked a turning point for me as to how I saw the country and its people. I realised the important things in life were not what possessions you had, or what you had in your Fridge, or if there was a scratch on the car. What was important was ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"... bathroom and living area. “What do you think of it Oui Oui?” I asked in French. “Good, good, very good,” he replied beaming. The next day I bought him a two-ring gas cooker and a small Fridge. “Here you go, this is for you. You can eat with us at noon and in the night, but you ..."
"...Fridgeall my life I never had a Fridge. This is first time,” he grabbed hold of me and hugged me, tears running down his leathery face. He was paid the standard wage for a gardener of 5000 pesos a month, which is about £100. He had no fixed hours. I ..."
"...Fridgefraid the boys drove my mother mad. She would buy fruit for a week and they were so taken with English fruit they would be typical Dominicans and eat it all straight away. She could not understand if there was food in the house, why they had to eat it ..."

"...Fridge not have enough money to feed and support them, and could not afford for anything else to go missing. I would buy milk, which would disappear out of the Fridge. Also Dany was back to being his usual arrogant self and in the end Danilo asked them to leave. ..."

Chapter 11: Hope
"...Fridgeectricity was a joke. It was off more than it was on, and was not strong enough to run my lovely double door Fridge, so the Fridge had to go and be replaced with a tiny one. To solve the electricity problem, Danilo had installed an inverter, a white box ..."

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