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Hotel in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"...Hotelext day I was free, to get over the jet lag, and set off to explore Juan Dolio. It was a pleasant, bustling little seaside town, consisting of a road along the beach three miles in length and not a lot else. On the beach side of the street were ..."
"...Hotele afternoons, we would encourage the guests from the various Hotels to try out diving in the Hotel pools and try and sign them up for a diving course. As I spoke French, German and English, and given my sales and marketing background, it was not difficult for me to ..."

"...Hotelayed in a Hotel in the centre of town, the kids in one room and us next door and we went to the local pica pollo (fried chicken) shop in town for dinner. The next day Danilo’s brother, Cristian, came with us and we drove around the whole area. He ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"...Hotelnterview seemed to go well, although I was not allowed to go in with him. He was recalled into the Embassy to pick up his passport, not knowing if he had been granted a visa or not. I was working next to the pool at the Hotel Talanquera, and kept ..."

"...Hotels a fabulous wedding. Danilo had done an outstanding job arranging it. Everywhere looked stunning with large and colourful Caribbean flowers and candles. We had a live band and the local ‘Michael Jackson’ performed, miming to MJ’s songs with all the movements right down to the crotch clutching. The drink ..."
"...and new and old friends. There was an English girl called Sue from Liverpool, who had bought a bar locally − Freedom Bar, and I would often go there for a chat. We had known each other for a couple of years as she was the tour representative in Hotel Talanquera where I used to work, and she had a Dominican boyfriend too. ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Hotellessing went ahead as planned. It wasn’t a massive affair, there were only forty family and friends, and the reception was not in a Hotel, but back at Mum’s house. Dany gave me away and Alberto was Danilo’s best man. It was a strange mixture of emotions. I was sad ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Hotelo also wanted to do something special for the families and children and an English friend of mine, Laura, together with her Dominican husband, ran a circus company in the east of the country and they performed at Hotels in the resorts of Punta Cana and Bavaro. I talked with ..."
"... spend a couple of days in hospital, but Danilo decided not to take any chances. “Lindsay, you go Hotel, as is too dangerous,” he announced as we sat having lunch on the patio, three days before the elections. “No, I’m fine,” I assured him. “And anyway I should be here with ..."
"... I should be here with you.” “No,” he insisted, dropping a piece of chicken on the floor for one of the cats. “The house will be very full. Many people. Many noise. No sleeping. You stress here with many peoples, many noise, many mess. You go Hotel.” I wasn’t too pleased with the ..."
"...Hoteln’t too pleased with the idea but I could see his point, as he had enough to do worrying about himself without the stress of worrying about me too. By now we had bodyguards in our house and with him at all times. On the one hand the Hotel was ..."
"... to win. Although I was stuck in the Hotel, Danilo would come every night to pick up the money I was taking out of my UK bank account, thanks to very generous friends and family. He had also managed to raise some money himself, and we thought we should have enough for the last day. Usually he ..."
"...Hotelotel reception was open and spacious with several large seating areas, and the tourists lounging around the reception desk thought it was a war starting. They began to move nervously and quickly towards the rear of the reception area, behind the sofas, as I pottered up to him, gave him ..."
"... At bloody last. Danilo arrived at the Hotel and we went to the restaurant and ate. I was ecstatic and he was exhausted. We went up to the room and sat on the balcony. The original plan was to go out and celebrate with our supporters and I had my clothes ready to do just that. “Is too ..."
"...Hotel, I thought, now we can celebrate and we went across the road to the casino where Danilo received a standing ovation from the local businessmen who were there. Half an hour later yet another phone call, and off he went again. Custodio insisted on five recounts and would not ..."
"... but not quite. The next morning Danilo left the Hotel at seven and I arrived home at noon. I walked into our garden, which was full of people, all congratulating, hugging and kissing me. They were all saying “Feliciadades Primera Dama!” “Congratulations First Lady!” But what a state ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Hoteltch for barbed wire,” he said, as he manoevered me over. He helped Compres next, who was shaking with fear. It was pitch dark, but Danilo led us through the woods, the long grass and brush scratching my legs as I tried to pick my way carefully, whilst he dragged ..."
"... too long to wait. We sat on the Hotel balcony in the morning, listening to the radio. It was reported that everyone was looking for us. I was supposedly in England and Danilo in Barahona. They sent people to the house to find us and the press set up camp outside the gate. Nothing came from ..."
"...Hotelng came from the court on Thursday, and during the evening we were visited in the Hotel by a friendly Colonel from the secret police, who advised us both our phones were tapped. Custodio’s chauffeur contacted Danilo to warn him Custodio had said that even if Danilo won the case ..."
"...Hotelded up leaving the Hotel on the Friday. Every day Danilo and Odalis went to the Junta to wait for the ruling. They were told every day it would be ready the next, and the reasons kept changing. It was waiting to be typed. It was ready but the judges ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Hotelicinis were another of the influential families in the DR, owners of much of the sugar cane, and most of the land in the municipality. They were planning to build a major financial centre and Hotels in Guayacanes, which would mean rehousing at least half of the local population. There ..."
"... on after his speech and everyone was dancing and singing. It was over, the end of the campaign. We were both exhausted and the following day I left to go back to the Hotel. The next time I came home it would be as the First Lady. Dominicans’ attitudes to death are very different from ..."

"...Hotelt home for the Hotel on the Friday. Once again I was looking forward to the rest and a bath, full of excitement and anticipation now the election was nearly over. On Saturday morning Danilo came to pick up more money, and I spent the day quietly in my room ..."
"...Hotelst Sunday arrived, and I woke very early as nervous as a kitten. Switching on my computer there was no Internet signal, and I dashed down to the reception area. The Internet did not connect there either. I ran to the reception desk to ask if they had a signal ..."
"... There was no Internet in the hotel. Meanwhile, Danilo had called me and said we needed more buses and more money for petrol to go and collect the voters. I needed the Internet to raise the money, and I ran back to the Hotel reception desk. “Please, I need to use the Internet and ..."
"... “Monday, it will be fixed tomorrow. Go to an Internet cafe.” I couldn’t stop screaming with frustration inside and although I had been instructed not to leave the Hotel, I called Dana, the girlfriend of Ezequiel the dwendy. “Hi, Dana. Listen, there is no effing Internet in the hotel. I ..."
"... Dana, the girlfriend of Ezequiel the dwendy. “Hi, Dana. Listen, there is no effing Internet in the Hotel. I can’t see anyone kidnapping me today, can I get over to yours and use it there? I need to find money and check what is going on.” “Sure, I’ll come and pick you up,” she ..."
"... in shock. Dana looked at me, having no idea what to do. I stood there, white as a sheet, my heart pounding. “I need to go back to the Hotel,” I said. “I need to see Danilo.” I found out later we had been attacked on all sides. Not only was the balance of officials not in our favour, ..."
"... I felt numb, shattered. Dana drove me to the Hotel and I walked inside on shaky legs and slumped down on a couch in the reception area, where I broke down. I howled and howled. Danilo was supposed to pick me up from the Hotel to go and celebrate, and we were booked to spend another night there. ..."
"...Hotelf our supporters came into the Hotel and walked up to me. “Lindsay, Danilo is in a terrible state at the house. He says you will leave him. He is saying he has lost everything. Come back to the house and talk to him.” I pulled myself together. Whatever I ..."

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Juan Dolio
Sanky Panky

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