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Lawyer in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"...Lawyerck of thinking through the consequences of actions today was a recurring theme across all walks of life in the DR, from doctors and Lawyers, to the unemployed living in the shacks. Time and time again professionals would overcharge me, and most expatriates. It was more important to have money ..."
"...Lawyerwas also a system of commission. If you recommended someone to a Lawyer or a plumber or electrician, anyone, the person who carried out the work would pay you commission. We had arranged to have some metal bars installed at the windows in a new room we had built as ..."

"...Lawyery continued as usual, I went on the computer, checking emails and playing spider solitaire. As noon approached there seemed to be a lot of noise outside the gate, and I went to investigate. There were several women standing outside, waiting for their menfolk to be paid and for them ..."
"...Lawyertian,” I mouthed. I wanted to tell them about the braids and gestured I wanted a pen and paper and wrote it down. There were two men, one tall and one short, the tall one had braids. Was building house. The fact one had braids ensured great business for the ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Lawyer end we managed to come up with the money and Danilo went to pick up the car. Unfortunately, as the men were driving our car to the car pound, they had an accident and wrote it off. Danilo went to the local fiscal (district attorney) and together with Lawyers ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"... much will it cost?” “People who want me to win. Lawyers, constructors, business people. And the Junta Electoral (Electoral Court) will give party money and they give to me when I official candidate. No worry, the money will come. We don’t need use your money.” He seemed very ..."
"...Lawyermed very confident and I was sitting next to him when he was talking to Lawyers and businessmen who promised 200,000 pesos, £4,000, as soon as he had launched the campaign. There were others who promised the same. However, we needed money immediately to cover the launch. I decided to ..."
"...Lawyeras my first lesson in how political campaigns in the DR were run. The candidate never arrives until after everyone else and at four o’clock Danilo turned up. The crowd, which had by then increased dramatically, went wild. Everyone was screaming and chanting his name as he made his way ..."
"...Lawyerdn’t eat or sleep, all I could do was answer the phone as people started to call, and the phone didn’t stop ringing. Everyone wanted to know what was going on. As I had no idea I gave no information to anyone, not knowing who to trust. Custodio called and ..."
"...Lawyerpeared that when Danilo had gone into the house to get changed, he knew exactly what was going on and had already arranged to meet his Lawyer and the fiscal (district attorney) from San Pedro. He had climbed over the back wall of the house and run through the woods ..."
"...Lawyered up all night terrified the police would come back and arrest me. I told no one what was happening other than Ginnie in Puerto Plata. She knew a lot about politics in the DR and it was good to have someone to talk to. She agreed it was a ..."
"...Lawyerle of people came over – Chi Chi, Danilo’s half-brother Antonio, who had recently moved to Juan Dolio to help with the campaign, and the boys finally returned home. I found out more people had been detained at the same time as Danilo. Four of the dwendies were in jail ..."
"...Lawyer time Sunday arrived I was beside myself. How much longer could I cope with not knowing what was happening? At last the Lawyer phoned to tell me Danilo was being released to the fiscal (district attourney) in San Pedro, who subsequently declared Danilo had not been charged with anything, ..."
"...Lawyer the tension of the past few days pour out of my body and began to relax for the first time. Suddenly the empty house began to fill up. The people who had stayed away began to reappear. By the time Danilo came home there were over a hundred people ..."
"...Lawyer returned home and saw Danilo, he was aware of everything that had happened, and also knew the police and DNCD had been paid to kill him. It was to appear as if he were a drug dealer, shot in the back to look as if he were killed running ..."
"...Lawyer meantime, one of the men who had been shot, Hector, was in my spare bedroom. Dominican custom dictates if someone is working for you and is injured you have to look after them, financially and sometimes physically. I had paid the Lawyer to get each of the dwendies out ..."
"...Lawyertional Commission on Human Rights has committed 200 Lawyers, if need be, to investigate and determine, ‘those responsible for the cruel, inhuman and degrading acts that not only violate the Dominican constitution but are also violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as seven pacts and international ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Lawyertled back for the next round in the battle. The press was making a big deal that Danilo's name had not been mentioned at the Juramentacion, and Custodio was claiming he was now the candidate. Danilo continued to go to the capital on a daily basis to try and get ..."
"...Lawyery bad,” he said, slashing his hand across his throat. As usual he had said nothing to me. He and his Lawyer, Odalis, went to the Camara Contenciosa (dispute chamber) at the Junta Electoral on Tuesday morning and they issued a writ against the party, demanding they acknowledge Danilo as ..."
"...Lawyeraring had gone very well. Odalis said he wished I had been there, and later I saw it on video. My little chivito was amazing. He was confident and smart. None of those named in the writ appeared in court, but the party had sent Cesar Pina Toribio, the Minister ..."
"...Lawyerllowing day Danilo went to register as the candidate at the local electoral office. This had to be done by midnight. There was one form to complete for each candidate. Surprise, surprise, Custodio had paid one of the local officials to take the only form for the PLD and register ..."
"...Lawyer the biggest problems in the Dominican Republic is corruption. It affects the daily lives of millions of people in many different ways, from petty bribery of officials, to the loss of trust in public institutions and the judiciary, to fear of violent crime. It is endemic in all areas ..."

"...Lawyert to see Odalis, the Lawyer we had used when we won the case earlier in the year at the Electoral Court. He said if we gave him a thousand pounds, he was confident he could get the house back, and he also believed we would have a good case ..."
"...Lawyert waiting to hear from Odalis, but nothing. He would not answer the phone. When we did track him down he told Danilo he was sorry, but he could not help with the court case. We found out he had been contacted by Abraham, the fiscal, and told not to ..."
"... heard him say angrily. “Ta bien. Alright, okay.” “What’s happened?” I murmured, sleepily. “The Lawyer, he not come to court tomorrow. I need go get papers from him on pasola.” “Bastard. Well, we’ll have to sort it on our own. Do you want me to come with you?” I asked, ..."
"...Lawyercourse, come on, let’s go,” I replied, more cheerily than I felt at the idea of a trek on the pasola in the middle of the night. We rode into San Pedro to pick up the papers, all the time thinking how were we going to manage without a Lawyer. ..."
"...Lawyer meantime Odalis had done nothing about the house. Of course he kept the thousand pounds saying he was working on it, and asked for more money, which we didn’t have to give him. In the end Danilo found another Lawyer, who agreed to work for us free of charge ..."
"...Lawyerys turned into weeks and the weeks into months. We were getting nowhere. One day a Lawyer turned up at the gate and asked me why we had not moved out, as we did not own the house and the new owner wanted to move in. I played dumb. They ..."
"...Lawyerur transformer blew up – we had no electricity, and no money to fix it. At the same time Danilo and the Lawyer decided to issue a writ against the paper, which had published his photo, against the National Drug Control Department and the Junta for everything they had done ..."

Chapter 11: Hope
"...Lawyeras good and I revelled in the peacefulness as each day I felt the stress leaving my body. I felt no need to go out, enjoying the calm, smiling at the neighbours and the goings on in the barrio. Danilo left every week to go back and meet with the ..."
"...Lawyerows what the future will bring, where we will go, what we will do. But we are fighting back. We are still waiting for the court case to be heard, which keeps being delayed for one reason or another, but Danilo says we are safe now. What is past is ..."

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