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Phone in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


This is a list of how often and where the term 'Phone' appears in the book What about your saucepans.

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"...Phonened Steve and told him I would be flying down to London the following week rather than driving, and spent a fortune on a flight in the hope of realising this dream. The plane landed and I was beside myself with excitement. I knew I looked good – tight blue ..."
"... which had been successful with others in the past. It would start off with fairly small amounts. “I would love to keep in touch with you when you go, but I need a mobile Phone.” “My trainers have fallen apart and I have no other shoes.” Before the woman would leave to return ..."

"... was the word for motorway and they would say, pita. Danilo would often speak English, although as my Spanish improved the English took a back seat. One day he Phoned me at work and yelled down the Phone, “I lose my teeth!” “Where are your teeth?” I asked incredulously, thinking ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"...Phonenterview seemed to go well, although I was not allowed to go in with him. He was recalled into the Embassy to pick up his passport, not knowing if he had been granted a visa or not. I was working next to the pool at the hotel Talanquera, and kept ..."

"...Phone not traditional to have a wedding present list. People bring presents if they want to. I wanted to buy Danilo a wedding gift, and I knew he wanted another dog. A big dog. I Phoned the local vet’s office and they had a three-month-old male Great Dane, and delivered ..."
"...Phoneed the personal freedom − not having to wear a helmet on a motorbike, being allowed to smoke anywhere, music in the shops, dancing in the streets. I loved the easy way of life. If I forgot my keys and was on the beach I could Phone a motoconcho and ..."

"... I was to find out later, she told him if he didn't start to pay her immediately, he was going back to jail. Twelve o’clock arrived and no sign of Danilo. I called him on the Phone. “Danilo, where the hell are you? I need the money to pay the workers!” I exclaimed angrily down the ..."
"... telephone. “I come later. I be there one o’clock,” he replied brusquely, and hung up the Phone. I went outside the gate and announced to the crowd, “Danilo is coming soon. In una hora he will be here.” There was some disgruntled muttering and cross looking faces. At one ..."
"...Phoneur o’clock Danilo was still not home and by now his telePhone was switched off. I knew when he was working for the DNI his Phone would have been removed and kept by the team leader. This was to stop members of the team from warning the drug dealers, or ..."
"... of my day. I would normally stay till the bar closed, usually one in the morning, but for some reason this particular evening I felt uncomfortable, restless. At ten twenty or so I decided to leave. Danilo was still not answering his Phone, and I was not in the mood for karaoke. “Listen ..."
"... I saw a flash of light and heard a deafening noise before instinct took over and I ran to the back of the house, looking for somewhere to hide. I thought they would follow me, but hearing no sounds of pursuit, I crouched down and rifled frantically through my handbag looking for my Phone. ..."
"...Phoneshots and the dogs were going wild, jumping up at the men, snarling savagely and barking. I moved back to my hiding place and picked up the Phone, but couldn’t think straight. Who shall I call? What should I do? Make a bloody decision woman! I screamed to myself. The ..."
"...Phone had meanwhile come out from under the bed and was running round like a headless chicken. He tried to call 911 and there was no reply. He called the police station, but the Phone had been cut off as the bill had not been paid. He called Billy, the ..."
"...Phoneo and his fellow DNI members were in La Romana, a town forty minutes to the east of San Pedro, having just finished their night’s work. They were sitting down to a meal of salami and plantains when they were given their Phones back. Danilo switched his on and was ..."
"...Phonenilo, Lindsay’s been shot! She is going to die! Get here now. Now!” He didn't bother finishing his dinner and together with a posse of police and DNI officers, army and air force, they came charging back from La Romana to San Pedro. On the way he listened to his ..."
"... can tell her. Rachel took my Phone from Danilo, found the number, and went outside to make the call. I knew Elisabeth wasn’t the sort to panic and having been a nurse she would understand the situation better. She could have the unenviable job of calling my mother. Rachel also called ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"... boys to go on a plane for the first time and to see England. The boys nearly didn't make it. Around six weeks before we left, in early November, Danilo and I had been out, came home and were getting into bed when the Phone rang. “Hola,” I said, as I picked it up. “Put Danilo on,” ..."
"... him on now!” he shouted. “It’s important.” “Hold your bloody horses,” I mumbled, as I yelled Danilo to come to the Phone, and I went into the bathroom. I wasn’t really listening, then Danilo barged into the bathroom. “Come on, we have to go! Boys in accident.” “What ..."
"...Phoneolitical involvement was not affecting me until I was in the house one afternoon. Danilo was not there, and three large jipetas (SUVs) pulled up outside the gates. Out climbed ten men, mostly dressed in black, and knocked at the gate. I went to the gate nervously, and they asked ..."
"...Phone made several friends on the DR1 website. Shirley’s partner, Charlie, was back in the UK having treatment for cancer, and as she was on her own I decided to go and see her on her finca in the north. It was a four-hour drive, from the Caribbean south coast ..."
"...Phone waiting for him to come back with the Mitsubishi and he returned with a Ford pickup. It was massive, petrol and not diesel, manual and not automatic, and not four-wheel drive. At least it had no bumps or scratches. The fact it was a manual gear-box was a good ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...PhoneThursday in September I was riding my pasola back from teaching Spanish, and I had a call from an American friend called Dana. I stopped the pasola and fished my Phone out of my pocket, “Lindsay, you have to help. Ezequiel is in jail.” Her boyfriend, Ezequiel, was number two ..."
"... taken to jail for nothing. “What's he done this time?” I asked. “I have no idea, but your car is in jail too,” she replied. That got my attention and I called Danilo to sort it out. He answered the Phone straight away. “Danilo, Ezequiel is in jail with our car.” “I know. ..."
"...Phoneted and waited. There were no Phone calls and no visitors. The house and garden were eerily quiet. Where on earth did Danilo go? I wondered. Where did he disappear to? Why didn’t he say anything to me? I called his Phone over and over again. No answer. The Phone ..."
"...Phoneldn’t eat or sleep, all I could do was answer the Phone as people started to call, and the Phone didn’t stop ringing. Everyone wanted to know what was going on. As I had no idea I gave no information to anyone, not knowing who to trust. Custodio called and ..."
"...Phonee time Sunday arrived I was beside myself. How much longer could I cope with not knowing what was happening? At last the lawyer Phoned to tell me Danilo was being released to the fiscal (district attourney) in San Pedro, who subsequently declared Danilo had not been charged with anything, ..."
"...Phone up and ran to the lobby in my pyjamas where Danilo and his band of security guards were waiting. I handed over the money, gave him a hug and a kiss and went back to bed. I had managed to fall asleep again when the Phone rang at five ..."
"...Phonent the rest of the morning quietly but was so nervous I was unable to have lunch. The Phone rang again. Danilo told me he was winning in all three tables. The tables (mesas) were the equivalent of voting stations, but were situated in one place, at the school in ..."
"... I was not particularly concerned about going out as we were both tired. Danilo’s Phone rang. Custodio had thrown out the people from the election centre and gone in with a group of military men. Danilo immediately headed down there alone, as he had given his security guards the night off. I ..."
"...Phonen’t at all happy with him going and tried to call his political team. None of them were answering their Phones. They were all too busy celebrating. At last Danilo came back an hour later to say Custodio was demanding a recount and his men were saying lots of Danilo’s ..."
"...Phone, I thought, now we can celebrate and we went across the road to the casino where Danilo received a standing ovation from the local businessmen who were there. Half an hour later yet another Phone call, and off he went again. Custodio insisted on five recounts and would not ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Phoney arrived and off we went to the capital. There were three cars full of people, and we arrived at the Olympic Centre where the ceremony was being held. It started an hour late, which I suppose was not bad. We were seated upstairs and Danilo was downstairs with the ..."
"...Phoneo and Compres left for the court in the capital at seven in the morning, when Odalis came to collect them. I spent the day on the beach, trying to read. Once again my stomach was churning and my mind racing. The words on the pages kept blurring as my ..."
"... as my thoughts wandered. I was still there, lying on the beach watching the carefree tourists when the phone rang. “We win, we win!” Danilo yelled down the Phone. “What does that mean?” I asked, cautiously. “We win. I am candidate!” I was ecstatic and went running back to my ..."
"...Phoneng came from the court on Thursday, and during the evening we were visited in the hotel by a friendly Colonel from the secret police, who advised us both our Phones were tapped. Custodio’s chauffeur contacted Danilo to warn him Custodio had said that even if Danilo won the case ..."
"... candidate. There was no recourse of appeal for the party. He had to be the candidate. At last. I called Danilo. “The result is out,” I yelled as best I could down the Phone. “I know!” he yelled back. “I have it here in my hand, and I win! We win, I am candidate! I come home now. ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Phone was now dark I suggested we walk through the back roads as no one would see us, otherwise we would be there all night. Danilo and I, and five security guards all with their guns out. It was like a scene out of The Good, The Bad and The ..."
"...Phoneo worked harder and harder. There were more and more meetings with the party in the capital and San Pedro, and these usually happened late at night. He was now up at six in the morning and rarely in bed before three. I was on the go all day, running ..."
"...Phoneently as they finished unloading the sports equipment a group of opposition supporters in a colmado started throwing rocks and bottles at a truck playing our music. It was our day for events; we were allowed to play our music. The guys in the truck Phoned Danilo to tell him ..."

"...Phoneiled all of my friends asking them to send money to my account. Unfortunately it was not going to make much difference as I had taken the maximum for the day out of the bank account and the bank would not increase my daily limit however much I begged them. ..."
"... mess. The atmosphere was appalling. No security guards, no dwendies. I Phoned Ginnie to tell her what had happened, and as usual she was very supportive. “Well, I’m sorry, but I’m glad he lost,” she said. “If he’d won, I‘d have been worried all the time that they would ..."
"...Phoned not go out. With no car and hardly any money we could not go far, and to be honest neither of us could face anyone. The few times I walked to the local colmado to buy cigarettes, I would scuttle back home as fast as I could, hoping I ..."
"...Phonept waiting to hear from Odalis, but nothing. He would not answer the Phone. When we did track him down he told Danilo he was sorry, but he could not help with the court case. We found out he had been contacted by Abraham, the fiscal, and told not to ..."
"... way we could lose this. The night before the court case we went to bed early. The Phone rang at one o’clock in the morning and Danilo answered. “Hola,” he said, “Why not? I thought you were our friend!” I heard him say angrily. “Ta bien. Alright, okay.” “What’s happened?” I ..."
"...Phone on the north coast of the island and spent my time between Shirley’s finca, where she lived alone since Charlie’s death, and Grahame, Ginnie’s partner, who was also on his own. It was a lovely break. I could sleep knowing no one would come to the gate. No one ..."

Chapter 11: Hope
"...Phonewas good and I revelled in the peacefulness as each day I felt the stress leaving my body. I felt no need to go out, enjoying the calm, smiling at the neighbours and the goings on in the barrio. Danilo left every week to go back and meet with the ..."
"...Phonedly had any contact with my previous friends. Inadvertently leaving my telePhone in a pair of jeans and washing them, I had lost everyone’s Phone numbers, and no one called me. The only people I had contact with were a few friends from the past, a few I had met ..."

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