What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

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1. In search of a dream
"Leaving behind a successful corporate life in search of a dream to become a scuba diving instructor in a paradise Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic. ... " - read more
2. The Man from Barahona
"Meeting the man from Barahona and the beginning of my relationship with a Dominican man experiencing culture shock and cultural differences. ... " - read more
3. Family life
"Living as part of a Dominican family and going to England with a Dominican man, which is like being with a cross between ET and Crocodile Dundee ... " - read more
4. Making it permanent
"Marrying my Dominican man, the death of my father and buying a business in the Dominican Republic – a colmado which is a convenience store. ... " - read more
5. Paradise turns to hell
"Being shot, taken to hospital on the back of a motorbike and an insight into emergency medical care in the Dominican Republic ... " - read more
6. Back to normal
"Return to normal life with the removal of the bullet, the arrival of the Haitian gardener, Christmas in the UK and coping with the expatriate gossip machine ... " - read more
7. A new dream
"The new dream begins with launch of the political campaign and corruption soon rears its ugly head with arrests and shootings by the Dominican police. ... " - read more
8. The fight goes on
"The election draws closer and the fight goes on. We have to flee for our lives before the court case which will decide our future. ... " - read more
9. La primera dama
"The election campaigning continues, another murder attempt and the heartbreaking electrocution of an eleven year old girl ... " - read more
10. The end of the road
"The end of the road is in sight, the election is over at last with fraud carried out on a massive scale and I am told the most appalling ... " - read more
11. Hope
"Forced into hiding a very different life begins in a Dominican barrio while we try to get our lives back on track and try not to lose hope ... " - read more

"Once you start reading you can't put this book down a truly amazing woman...if you only buy one book this..."

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