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Purple in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


This is a list of how often and where the term 'Purple' appears in the book What about your saucepans.

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Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Purpley of the launch arrived and the house was chaotic. There were people coming and going and I felt nervous, having no real idea what was happening. It was scheduled to start at three o’clock, and at two the motoconchos began to arrive outside the house. Soon there were a ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Purple arrived and off we went to the capital. There were three cars full of people, and we arrived at the Olympic Centre where the ceremony was being held. It started an hour late, which I suppose was not bad. We were seated upstairs and Danilo was downstairs with the ..."
"... backwards and forwards in the capital issuing writs. In the meantime, Custodio’s people were tearing down Danilo’s posters throughout the municipality, and where walls had been painted Purple with his name, they were painted over. The writs were issued for the second time. Danilo went ..."
"...Purple, one of Danilo’s best friends and very supportive throughout the whole campaign, hired us a Lexus. We drove to the launch with four security guards standing on the footboards and hanging off the side of the car – just like I had seen on TV with the American President. ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"... evening ceremony. “Lindsay, you need wear Purple now. It is party colour, every day you must wear Purple,” he said, as we were changing. It was never my favourite colour, but I put on jeans and a Purple top and he put on a new Purple shirt with his suit and off we went. As we got into the ..."
"...Purplenal caravana of the campaign was remarkable. We had over a hundred cars and several hundred motorbikes with flags, music, and everyone dressed in Purple. We were joined by the Governor from San Pedro in his Jipeta, the Minister for Sport, Jay Payano in his, the candidates for diputado and ..."

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