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Rice in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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"...RiceDominican Republic is not a typical tropical Caribbean island. Its size means it consists of more than beaches, although there are over 1600 kilometres of coastline. The interior of the country is diverse with mountain ranges, fertile plains, deserts, and rain forests. The highest mountain range in the Dominican Republic ..."

"... I persisted. “My father, he build little house of wood, with zinc roof. We sleep on banana leaf inside Rice sack, or the rats they eat skin on our feets. We cook on fire outside, is called fogon, and we eat what we grow – banana and yuca. Sometime we kill chicken.” “And what about ..."
"...Rice he had picked me up from work he cooked dinner, which was always something Dominican, such as mashed plantains with a tin of sardines on top. Or stewed chicken, and Rice and beans. He would put it all on a plate and give it to me to eat. I ..."
"...Although edible, I was not keen on Dominican food. Unlike much of the food in the Caribbean, it is not spicy and lacks flavour. The main meal is eaten at noon, with everyone laying down tools at exactly twelve o’clock to eat. It is almost always the same. Rice, beans stewed in a sauce, and a small amount of meat, either chicken or beef, again in a sauce. It is high in salt and oil. There is usually a small salad on the side and always slices of avocado when they are in season. As well as the ..."
"...Riceing Rice is an art. As well as Rice and water, plenty of salt and oil are added. Once the water has been absorbed, a plastic bag is placed firmly over the Rice. I suggested using a lid but this was pooh-poohed and it was explained it has to be ..."
"... right. The other major issue for us was the language barrier. My Spanish was very limited, and although Danilo spoke a little English, the kids spoke none. One night I said to them in my broken Spanish, “Do you want pasta or Rice to eat?” three little faces looked blankly at me. ..."

Chapter 3: Family life
"...Riceas a fabulous party, with Dominican music blasting out and everyone dancing in the garden, and a scrumptious barbecue with chicken, sausages and burgers, accompanied by Rice and salads. The alcohol flowed, mostly rum and coke, but there was a top table for the important guests, from the Air Force ..."
"...Riceing was in boxes. The pickup was piled high with everything from the house. My clothes were mixed with the contents of the fridge. Tops had not been screwed on bottles and everything was covered with ketchup and mayonnaise, belts wrapped round salami, Rice in knickers. It was a mess. ..."
"...Ricehe colmado you can buy almost anything you need. Many things are sold loose, such as Rice, flour, beans, sugar, salt, washing powder and things you might not expect like cornflakes, oil, vinegar, soya sauce. You just take a container in and they fill it up for you. There is ..."

"...Riceas a fabulous wedding. Danilo had done an outstanding job arranging it. Everywhere looked stunning with large and colourful Caribbean flowers and candles. We had a live band and the local ‘Michael Jackson’ performed, miming to MJ’s songs with all the movements right down to the crotch clutching. The drink ..."
"...Ricearet, who was the same age as me and great fun, had never lived outside America before coming to the DR and it was a huge change for her. I had met her in Freedom Bar and we had the same sense of humour so I offered to take her ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Riceservice was, of course, all in English, with Danilo saying the vows after the vicar in his broken English. Mind you, he had to say, “repeat plis,” a few times. We went back to Mum’s house for a hot lunch of various casseroles with Rice and plenty of wine. Danilo ..."
"...Ricet Danilo and José Luis down. “Explain boys,” I demanded. It appeared Danilo had agreed with José Luis that Sosa could use our garden and house for a party for his supporters. Although he was the Diputado for this area, he did not have a local house suitable for such ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Ricecampaign was at crazy levels with support continuing to grow. We were told Custodio was paying Danilo supporters to vote for him. As far as we could tell they were taking the money but staying loyal to us. The media were assuming Danilo had won, asking how an unknown nobody ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Ricehe alternate days we usually canvassed support by visiting people in their houses, or holding meetings at our house. We would often have events at local colmados where Danilo would make a speech, and we would all eat asopao, a type of soup with Rice, which bore a remarkable resemblance ..."

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