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Shirley in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


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Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...for the Dominican Republic called DR1.com. I posted about the shooting and it was the beginning of a series of friendships, which would see me through the years to come. The people I became closest to were all fellow Brits who lived on the north coast of the island. Shirley, who lived with her partner, Charlie, in a beautiful finca, John who lived in Sosua and had an amazing sense of humour, and Ginnie, who lived in Puerto Plata, had been here for years and knew a great deal about the country and its people. The forum had a ..."
"...I had made several friends on the DR1 website. Shirley’s partner, Charlie, was back in the UK having treatment for cancer, and as she was on her own I decided to go and see her on her finca in the north. It was a four-hour drive, from the Caribbean south coast to the Atlantic north coast, passing through hills, ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...My Mum was planning to visit for a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to seeing her and had arranged for us both to travel to the north of the island to visit some of my friends, especially Shirley and Charlie, who was back from hospital in the UK, and John, and Ginnie and her partner Grahame. I was still chatting to Shirley and John online daily, and Ginnie and I would talk endlessly about the campaign and how it was going. It would be too much for ..."
"...we arrived back at the house she was staggered by the number of people in the house and garden, every minute of every day. She came with me as I was campaigning, visiting houses in the outlying villages. We drove up to the north coast to see Ginnie and Shirley and she, like me, was grateful to get away from the mayhem for a few days. ..."
"... let’s wait and see,” answered Ginnie. We had a relaxing time staying at Shirley’s farm, went to Cabarete beach to eat fantastic large plates of prawns, Mum’s favourite food, and reluctantly headed home again to see what awaited us. We assumed everything had been sorted out and ..."

"...Another good friend, Charlie, Shirley’s partner died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and while I was away at Ginnie’s wake in the north of the island, Danilo’s best friend, Barani, died in a car accident together with his wife. He was the one who had guaranteed our loan from the loan shark in San Pedro, and ..."
"...I was on the north coast of the island and spent my time between Shirley’s finca, where she lived alone since Charlie’s death, and Grahame, Ginnie’s partner, who was also on his own. It was a lovely break. I could sleep knowing no one would come to the gate. No one would arrest me, or worse. I was eating good food, rather than tins ..."

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