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Tyson in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


This is a list of how often and where the term 'Tyson' appears in the book What about your saucepans.

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"...wedding present list. People bring presents if they want to. I wanted to buy Danilo a wedding gift, and I knew he wanted another dog. A big dog. I phoned the local vet’s office and they had a three-month-old male Great Dane, and delivered the dog, who I named Tyson, to the colmado a couple of days before the wedding. For three months old he was enormous, all ears and legs. However, when it came time to take him home he refused to walk and sat down in the road. In the end we managed to get number two ..."
"...He was delighted telling everyone he had a Great Dane à la King. I had no idea where the ‘à la King’ came from until I picked up Tyson’s pedigree certificate and saw he was a Harlequin Great Dane. Tyson slept by the side of our bed at night, breaking the rule about dogs in the house until he couldn’t fit, and then he moved outside with Can Can and her daughter Fred. Fred quickly became enamoured with ..."

"...was staying with us, and Juander was a Dominican working on the construction of the kids’ house and also living with us. As the pair were cooking salami, the four dogs were also in the kitchen hoping for scraps rather than waiting for me at the gate – Fred, Tyson, the Great Dane, and their five month old puppies, Sophie and el Mas Guapo, the ‘fiercest’ or ‘angriest’, as he would growl at anything. Can Can had died of cancer a few months earlier. ..."

Chapter 11: Hope
"...and beeped the horn in front of a large metal gate. To my surprise Dany came running out and pulled the gate open and Danilo drove into the gravel yard in front of a two storey concrete house. And there, sat on our very own picnic dining table, were Tyson, Fred, Sophie, and Shakira, the new Belgian Malinois puppy who had been given to us a few weeks previously. ..."
"...I would sit in front of the house on the little terrace writing and talking to people online. Everyone who passed would stop for a chat. Both Tyson the Great Dane, and I quickly became local celebrities. We often had a large group standing outside hoping Tyson would stand up. He was usually asleep at my feet or on the table. ..."

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