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Wedding in What about your saucepans
What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic


This is a list of how often and where the term 'Wedding' appears in the book What about your saucepans.

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"...Weddingff to see them, driving up the A1, the road stretching from London to Edinburgh. Straight for most of the way, all 410 miles of it. This road, which had been in existence since Roman times, had played a major part in my life. It had been an emotional road. ..."
"...Weddingminutes later I swung into the gravel drive in front of my parents’ house. The magnolia tree was blooming, as it had been eleven years before when I arrived for my Wedding. I walked round to the back door and let myself in. Mum and Dad were in the kitchen, ..."

"...Weddingnts celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary on 1 January 2005, but had planned a big family party for the following April. Danilo obtained another visa, and we went on our second trip to the UK. This time we planned to stay at my parents for most of the trip, with ..."
"...WeddingI could say everyone was delighted for us, but whilst no one said anything, I could tell there was not universal approval at his announcement. No one from the UK would be coming to the Wedding, apart from my best friend Sue, who was to be the madrina (a female ..."
"...Weddinge was set and unlike my first Wedding, I had nothing do as Danilo arranged everything. It was a delight to have everything organised for me, from shopping, to paying the bills, and now to planning the Wedding. The venue was Guavaberry Beach Club, a perfect setting, only a few ..."
"...Weddingot traditional to have a Wedding present list. People bring presents if they want to. I wanted to buy Danilo a Wedding gift, and I knew he wanted another dog. A big dog. I phoned the local vet’s office and they had a three-month-old male Great Dane, and delivered the ..."
"... him home. We arrived at the house where Danilo was outside. “Here is your Wedding present,” I announced proudly. He walked over with a big expectant smile on his face and then his face dropped and he asked,“Why you buy me goat?” “This is no goat, this will be a very big dog. A Gran ..."
"...Wedding of the Wedding dawned with perfect weather. When José Tomas arrived the 120 guests stood and cheered. I don’t think anyone noticed my entrance, they were far more impressed with him. The Dominicans are very deferential towards people in authority, particularly politicians. He very generously gave us a microwave ..."
"...Weddinga fabulous Wedding. Danilo had done an outstanding job arranging it. Everywhere looked stunning with large and colourful Caribbean flowers and candles. We had a live band and the local ‘Michael Jackson’ performed, miming to MJ’s songs with all the movements right down to the crotch clutching. The drink flowed ..."

"...Weddingt was allowed to come and see me once they had done the tracheotomy. She kept asking who had done this, but I was unable to speak. She said afterwards my arms were flailing and I was kicking my feet, and obviously having problems breathing. I knew I was drowning ..."
"...Wedding they are a brilliant invention. Suddenly I could breathe on my own and open my eyes and for the first time since I had been carried up the road by Juander, I was fully aware of my surroundings and what was going on. My brain started to work again. ..."

Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Wedding to spend Christmas with my mother. It was the second Christmas since my father died, and she did not want to go away, nor did she want to spend it alone. Secondly, I wanted to have our marriage blessed in an English church with my family present, as none ..."
"...Weddingcontinued to be involved in politics and there were several meetings in the house between him and José Luis Bencosme, who had been one of the witnesses at our Wedding. José Luis was friends with the Diputado from San Pedro, José Maria Sosa. I suppose Diputado is the equivalent of ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Weddinge decision was made we got to work and Franklin Compres was appointed as Danilo’s political adviser. This was the same Franklin Compres who looked like Bluebottle and was a witness at our Wedding. Danilo had to register as a candidate with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), we had to ..."

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