What about your saucepans
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What does 'Ayuntamiento' mean?

Find out what Ayuntamiento means. Ayuntamiento is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


The Spanish Word for the town hall, or local council offices. There are 155 in the Dominican Republic, each one headed up by a mayor and a team of local councilors. Some of the functions of the ayuntamiento are to ensure the town or area they are in charge of is clean, that the roads and pavements are well kept and repaired, to supervise the construction and operation of funeral parlours, cemeteries, markets and abattoirs, and to be responsible for the Red Cross and Fire Brigade.

In the second half of the book you can read all about the local ayuntamiento and the shenanigans that go on in local politics, Dominican style.

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Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Ayuntamientoanted to be Sindico (Mayor) of Guayacanes and had promised Danilo a good job within the Ayuntamiento (council offices), if he was appointed. There were lots of meetings in our house and Danilo tried to raise support for him. Unfortunately, it was up to the President himself to appoint the ..."
"...Ayuntamientoio did not live in the municipality, but in San Pedro. Each municipality was given money for employment, roads, municipal police, and local projects, as well as receiving taxes from the area. For example, taxes from all new construction projects, taxes per new bathrooms built, were levied in order to ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Ayuntamientoff at the campaign headquarters on the main road and marched through Guayacanes. The number of people taking part in the march was incredible, with Danilo and I at the head. There were drums and everyone singing, ‘Danilo pa’ Ayuntamiento’, ‘Danilo for the Town Hall’. As we walked through the ..."
"...Ayuntamientoarrived and was astonished by the number of people. He raised Danilo’s arm in the air and shouted, “This is your next Sindico!” and once again I felt a big lump in my throat, – I felt so proud and emotional. The crowd went wild shouting and singing ‘Danilo ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Ayuntamientog day the writs were issued for the final time. In the meantime Custodio contacted Odalis and offered him money to stop assisting us. Odalis declined. He asked Odalis to pass on a message to us that if Danilo renounced his candiacy and put Custodio in his place, he would ..."
"...Ayuntamientoat speech and as soon as it finished we got back into the car, Danilo perched on the roof with his feet through the sunroof and we went off on a caravana (a long line of cars and motorbikes) ,through the municipality. Everyone had flags and waved them, and we ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Ayuntamientoto the car park at the stadium we could already hear our music, ‘Danilo pa’ Ayuntamiento’ playing out of loud speakers on the back of a truck, and many of his supporters were already there. They trooped inside with ‘Danilo’ flags and posters, and I stayed in the car park ..."
"...Ayuntamientonate days we usually canvassed support by visiting people in their houses, or holding meetings at our house. We would often have events at local colmados where Danilo would make a speech, and we would all eat asopao, a type of soup with rice, which bore a remarkable resemblance to ..."

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"I just loved this book! Lindsay knows a lot about the Dominican Republic and includes facts about the country you..."

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