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What does 'Brujo' mean?

Find out what Brujo means. Brujo is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


A brujo is a male witch, or witch doctor, and a bruja is the female equivalent. Both practice witchcraft or brujeria. People from all classes visit brujos, from millionaire baseball players to the extremely poor. People consult brujos for health reasons because traditional treatments are unavailable, unaffordable or not working. They also consult them for relationships and love, mostly when jealously and cheating is involved, to know whether or not the other person is faithful and to place bad luck on them and the person they are cheating with. In addition they ask the brujos to forecast the numbers which will win the lottery, a major industry in the DR.

I was sceptical about the whole idea of witchcraft, until one day I was talking to a Dominican friend who said he was a brujo, and he had a stall of his lotions and potions in the local market. I told him my particularly bad tempered boss at the time, who you will meet in Chapter 1 of the book, was away on holiday and how quiet and pleasant it was at work without him. He asked for the boss's business card and enquired what outcome I wanted from his witchcraft. What sort of spell did I want? I asked the brujo to make my boss stay away longer than the 2 weeks he had planned, and when he came back it would be much nicer if he was calmer and had less of a temper.

The next day the boss called to say he had decided to take up Yoga to help deal with his anger management and stress issues, and due to the length of the course, would be away for a month more than planned.

You will come across brujeria in various places throughout the book, and decide for yourself if it really works.

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Chapter 6: Back to normal
"... The bike was beyond repair, and the children slowly healed but still bear the scars to this day. A few days later Danilo turned to me. “I need to go and see Brujo.” A Brujo is a witchdoctor. “What on earth for?” I asked, incredulously. “Because someone has spelled us. You shot, ..."
"... earth for?” I asked, incredulously. “Because someone has spelled us. You shot, boys accident. I need cancel spell.” And off he went to see the Brujo, who confirmed we had indeed been the victim of witchcraft from someone who was jealous of Danilo. He was unable to give the name of the ..."
"...Brujos unable to give the name of the person, but Danilo had to pay him some money and buy a whole range of items to take back to the Brujo to cancel the spell. The items included a bottle of rum, black candles, oil and various lotions and potions from ..."

"...Brujoo went to visit a Brujo, a witch doctor. The Brujo said someone had put a spell on us and that there was a dead snake buried in our garden. Until it was found and taken away the bad luck would continue. We had to buy him a small bottle ..."

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