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What does 'Caravana' mean?

Find out what Caravana means. Caravana is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


A caravana is the Spanish word for a procession of cars and other vehicles which happens at election times. The cars at the front of the caravana tend to be SUVs known as jipetas in Dominican Spanish, and they will always have a sunroof so the candidate for whatever political position is up for grabs, be it President or mayor or whatever, can sit on the roof with his legs dangling inside the car. He/she will usually have many bodyguards standing on the running boards of the jipeta and also running alongside. The candidate will almost always wear a hat, to save being sunburned, and the bodyguards will always have dark glasses. The rest of the caravana is made up of other vehicles, sometimes over a hundred and many more motorbikes. Most people will have flags as well, belonging to the appropriate political party. The caravana will drive slowly through all the towns, or through the middle of the city, and many people will run alongside trying to shake hands with the candidate. There will be an obligatory music truck as well with music blaring out, and bottles of rum, beer and soda passed around.

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Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Caravana great speech and as soon as it finished we got back into the car, Danilo perched on the roof with his feet through the sunroof and we went off on a Caravana (a long line of cars and motorbikes) ,through the municipality. Everyone had flags and waved them, and ..."

Chapter 9: La primera dama
"...Caravana of days later we went back to San Pedro as the President was arriving for a Caravana, which the candidates and their supporters were expected to attend and participate in. We were invited to meet the President for lunch first, which was very exciting. Danilo summoned his supporters, paid ..."
"...Caravanaay of the Caravana we set off in convoy for San Pedro and as we approached the town, Danilo stood on the back seat and raised himself through the sunroof. Our music truck was driving ahead of us, blaring out loud music. We finally arrived at the rendezvous point, which ..."
"...Caravanallowed a crazy drive through the streets of San Pedro, with us desperately trying to get as close as possible to the President’s car. The security guards were hanging off the side, yelling instructions to Saya. Danilo was flying all over the car roof as we careered in and out ..."
"...Caravanal Caravana of the campaign was remarkable. We had over a hundred cars and several hundred motorbikes with flags, music, and everyone dressed in purple. We were joined by the Governor from San Pedro in his Jipeta, the Minister for Sport, Jay Payano in his, the candidates for diputado and ..."
"...Caravanaid not want us to go back to the house, as he knew it would be full of people asking for money, and we were trying to save as much as we could for the last day of the campaign. Barani dropped us off at a cafe opposite the bank ..."

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"At times, readers will shake their heads at the frustrations and laugh at some of the absurd situations and statements..."

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