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What does Compraventa mean?
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What does 'Compraventa' mean?

Find out what Compraventa means. Compraventa is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


Compraventa, literally ‘buy sell’, means pawn shop in Spanish and they are a very important part of the Dominican economy with several in every town. You simply take in the article you wish to pawn, they hand you the money and you have around four months to get it back, or you lose it. The interest rates are appalling, around 30% a month, but if you need money urgently it is one of the only ways. It is not just jewelry either. People pawn stereo systems, cookers, fridges, liquidizers, all sorts of household goods. Compraventas are also great places to pick up bargains, especially if you are furnishing a house.

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"...Compraventaenta, or pawnshop, is also an important part of life, and people will pawn anything from jewellery to fridges, stereos, liquidisers. Again the interest rates are high although not as high as a prestamista. Usually items are held for four months, and if you cannot pay to redeem your item ..."

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