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What does 'Fiscal' mean?

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Fiscal means Public Prosecutor and there is an office in every town. They report to the General Prosecutor (Procuraduría General de la República) and are responsible for directing the investigation of criminal acts, assisting with the prosecution of criminal actions and protecting the interests of the State. The fiscal’s office is where people go to file a complaint or issue a writ. They are also the office who has to authorise raids or searches by the police. If you go to court they are the ones who will prosecute the offenders.

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Chapter 6: Back to normal
"...Fiscal end we managed to come up with the money and Danilo went to pick up the car. Unfortunately, as the men were driving our car to the car pound, they had an accident and wrote it off. Danilo went to the local Fiscal (district attorney) and together with lawyers ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Fiscalpeared that when Danilo had gone into the house to get changed, he knew exactly what was going on and had already arranged to meet his lawyer and the Fiscal (district attorney) from San Pedro. He had climbed over the back wall of the house and run through the woods ..."
"...Fiscal time Sunday arrived I was beside myself. How much longer could I cope with not knowing what was happening? At last the lawyer phoned to tell me Danilo was being released to the Fiscal (district attourney) in San Pedro, who subsequently declared Danilo had not been charged with anything, ..."
"...Fiscal returned home and saw Danilo, he was aware of everything that had happened, and also knew the police and DNCD had been paid to kill him. It was to appear as if he were a drug dealer, shot in the back to look as if he were killed running ..."
"... They had no alternative but to release him. The Fiscal said the new house would be retained by him for the time being. Danilo was not too concerned about this as he was grateful to be free and we had no intention of moving there straight away. He showered and changed and left with a huge ..."
"...Fiscalxt day, together with the others who had been arrested, Danilo went to the Fiscal intent on issuing a querella (writ) against the police who had shot the two men. However, the Fiscal, Abraham Ortiz, would not accept it, and the police colonel agreed to send the offending policemen to ..."

Chapter 8: The fight goes on
"...Fiscalhout this period Danilo was having constant visits from the local judiciary and assistant Fiscal from San Pedro, warning him if he didn’t resign the candidacy there would be serious consequences for him and his family. But we carried on regardless and started campaigning quietly. We made house to house ..."

"...Fiscalt waiting to hear from Odalis, but nothing. He would not answer the phone. When we did track him down he told Danilo he was sorry, but he could not help with the court case. We found out he had been contacted by Abraham, the Fiscal, and told not to ..."
"... he stayed inside. There were twenty armed police together with the local public prosecutor, Abraham, who we knew. I opened the gate nervously. A brutish, overweight Colonel shouted at me, “Let us in! We need to search the house! This is the Fiscal,” he pointed to Abraham. “I am perfectly ..."
"... he pointed to Abraham. “I am perfectly aware who the Fiscal is,” I replied, trying to remain in control, which is not easy when one is in pyjamas. I knew the Fiscal, having met him on a few occasions whilst trying to get people out of jail, so I turned to him. “Buen dia. How are ..."
"...Fiscale if the Fiscal is there, they won’t shoot us,” he said confidently, and went outside. They came in, carrying pistols or shotguns in their hands and searched the entire house including the guesthouse. Of course they found nothing illegal, as there was nothing to find. Later Danilo went to ..."

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