What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

What does 'Fogon' mean?

Find out what Fogon means. Fogon is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


A fogon is an outdoor cooking stove and is the cooking method of choice in the countryside. It is basically like a concrete table and the wood is placed on the top. Around the wood the concrete is built higher so that a large cooking pot can be balanced above the wood. The reason people like it is because the fuel is free – they just gather it or chop down trees, and the alternative is bottled gas and a gas cooker. In addition it gives the food a lovely smokey flavor. The usual food cooked on a fogon is rice, chicken in a rich sauce and beans, also in a sauce.

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"... I persisted. “My father, he build little house of wood, with zinc roof. We sleep on banana leaf inside rice sack, or the rats they eat skin on our feets. We cook on fire outside, is called Fogon, and we eat what we grow – banana and yuca. Sometime we kill chicken.” “And what about ..."

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