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What does 'Liquidacion' mean?

Find out what Liquidacion means. Liquidacion is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


Termination of employment will normally mean that the employer has to pay what is known as liquidation. This is a sum of money based on length of service and current salary. There tends to be no apportioning of blame, so that if you are fired as you are unable to perform properly, the employer will have to pay you liquidation unless he has followed due process of written warnings. As liquidation only becomes payable after the employee has been working for three months, many contracts are for less time than this, and many employers will dismiss people just before the three months is up.

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"...Liquidacionings started to go missing. Bottles of Coca-Cola, knickers, T-shirts, shoes, a frozen chicken, plates, sheets, cups, glasses. The final straw was when I came home one day and my sofa had gone. Angelita had to go. She was quite blasé about going as I had to pay her a ..."

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"I LOVED this book! What an insight into life in a Dominican village. So many of us expats who live..."

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