What about your saucepans
Ten years in the life of a British woman
living in the Dominican Republic

What does 'Motoconcho' mean?

Find out what Motoconcho means. Motoconcho is explained by Lindsay de Feliz - author of What about your saucepans


One of the most popular and cheapest forms of transport, a motorcylce taxi. The fares are fixed and are only a few pesos – usually around 30, which is 50 pence. There is no limit to the number of people who can go on the bike, and it is not uncommon to see 4 or 5 squashed behind the driver. Helmets are optional – very few wear them. Motoconchos work together with the guaguas and will be there at the usual places the guagua stops to take the passenger to their final destination.

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"...Motoconchoay I was free, to get over the jet lag, and set off to explore Juan Dolio. It was a pleasant, bustling little seaside town, consisting of a road along the beach three miles in length and not a lot else. On the beach side of the street were seven ..."
"...Motoconcho I thought. I might as well give it a go. I spoke no Spanish, but luckily he was Haitian so we chatted in French. He explained how to climb on, and off we went with me hanging onto him for dear life. Over the next few trips I became ..."

"... you at work in the morning!” “Wake me up please,” Fred shouted back and I grinned and began to walk out of the bar to hail a Motoconcho. Behind me I heard someone speak, trying to catch my attention, “I Danilo. I take you home on pasola (scooter)?” I turned around. In front of me ..."
"...Motoconchoculture continued to dominate and frustrate my life. If I shopped for a week and filled the fridge, everything would be gone within hours. It was not that the kids ate it all − they simply gave it away. Dominicans will share everything, and I would find not only were ..."
"...Motoconcho those who live close by, they have to pay for transport – usually a Motoconcho, although in some areas there are free school buses. Some will also drop out to work and it is estimated that 9% of children are involved in some form of child labour, although this ..."

"...Motoconchoe personal freedom − not having to wear a helmet on a motorbike, being allowed to smoke anywhere, music in the shops, dancing in the streets. I loved the easy way of life. If I forgot my keys and was on the beach I could phone a Motoconcho and he ..."

"...Motoconcho,” I whispered faintly, wheezing with every gasp, “Por favor, hopital. Carry me, carry me, please hospital.” Juander and another Haitian scooped me up and carried me, running along the track with forty or more Haitians behind, yelling and screaming I was dead. Halfway to the clinic a Motoconcho stopped ..."
"... been shot! We have to do something!” “Vic!” she yelled. “Come quick, Billy says Lindsay’s been shot!” Vic threw on a T-shirt, ran outside and together they rode to the clinic where I had just arrived on the back of the Motoconcho. The door to the clinic was firmly closed. It ..."

Chapter 7: A new dream
"...Motoconcho the launch arrived and the house was chaotic. There were people coming and going and I felt nervous, having no real idea what was happening. It was scheduled to start at three o’clock, and at two the Motoconchos began to arrive outside the house. Soon there were a hundred ..."
"...Motoconcho a quick peck on the cheek and I walked outside and got into the car, along with a group of other people I didn’t recognise. The back of the Ford pick-up truck was full of twenty people squashed in and we drove slowly with the Motoconchos in convoy, their ..."

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"A story rich in detail, humor and insider information on the quirky, but delightful Dominican culture and its people. This..."

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